Digital Publishing-Role of Technology

With dedicated reading devices evolving tremendously and the increasing rise of digital books or eBooks, the digital publishing industry has witnessed disruptive and innovative developments during the past few years.

Publishers Checklist for Higher Education eBooks

Higher Education Textbook publishers are adapting to the growing need of eBooks as the textbook consumption has shifted from physical books to digital devices and hence an imperative need in the publishing process.

Publishers-eBook Encryption Software

Publishers with the implementation of eBook encryption software can retain complete control over the digital content. This includes viewers, other related information and also prevents duplication/sharing of the content without user consent.

How are eBooks assisting Online Learning Process

eBooks in education have not only optimised learning experiences as learning is being transformed digitally into fun and engaging experiences, but also, ensure that students are proactively interacting with the learning resources.

Guide to Create eBooks for Publishers.

Keeping students interested in plain text becomes a daunting task who start using eBooks at a relatively young age. Educators and Publishers need to find interesting ways to keep the school eBooks engaging and contextually relevant at the same time.

How can Digital Publishers benefit from eBooks

eBooks or digital books, allow publishers to streamline operations – publish and distribute faster, reach wider audiences and develop new revenue streams.

Criteria to Select the Best eBook Publishing Platform

In order to make eBooks accessible, eBook publishing platforms are required and are on the rise with the challenge that is optimal and provides the best output.

Digital Publishing – Myths Debunked

With the emergence of eBooks, the publishing industry has undergone and witnessed a paradigm shift. Digital Publishing has been in tremendous progressive growth with associated benefits such as low cost of production, reach out to a wider audience on a global scale, generating new revenue streams, etc,

Guide to Digitalization of Book Publishers

The process of creating digital versions of physical books, records, manuscripts, magazines etc,. Is called Book digitization/digitalization. As content is made available online in digital formats, there is an implicit need for publishers

E Book Publisher Strategies for Every Publisher

Every print edition of a published book is mostly accompanied by its digital version, now-a-days, as digital publishing has become the new norm for publishers today. Publishers are adapting to the changing needs of users along with

What is the most flexible tool to create and publish interactive assessments on the mPowerO eLearning Platform?

The eLearning authoring tools available on mPowerO digital platform assists every user in offering flexible solutions to create and publish assessments online. Users having access to authoring tools can build rich creative educational content combining all multimedia elements – text, images, audio, and video. This helps better understanding for Students.

For Educational Institutions/Universities with multiple branches, can Content be circulated in one-go, on the mPowerO eLearning Solution Platform?

mPowerO eLearning solution facilitates a centralized course content repository where content can be created, curated, and shared in real-time securely to destined branches, with ease and reuse.

How is Student’s progress evaluated on the mPowerO eLearning Platform?

mPowerO eLearning platform is designed extraordinarily to assist both Teachers and Parents to track every Student’s progress.

Through real-time inbuilt analytics tools, timely reports are derived and shared respectively which can be accessed at ease. This advanced feature reduces the tedious work of Teachers manually recording every child’s progress.

Every test, quiz, or any online activity for measuring skills is recorded and analyzed reports are presented in graphical form. This process consumes less time and gives quick and efficient results.

Furthermore, the mPowerO eLearning platform also can accordingly attend individual attention needs of students.

How accurate are the analytics in the mPowerO eLearning Solution?

100% accuracy is ensured on the dashboard results of mPowerO eLearning platform. Dashboards provide real-time analytics which can be accessed by Teachers and Parents to track Student’s progress and measure performance.

On an advanced level, progressive personalized learning paths are defined to Students based on their interest and excellence.

What kind of relative Interactive elements are available on mPowerO eLearning Platform that can help educational institutions?

mPowerO eLearning Platform aids all educational institutions enabling Teachers, Trainers, Educators to prepare and curate interactive lessons online as per their board-aligned pedagogy in rich media content forms with a mix of text, images, audio,video etc.

Due to such interactive aspects being incorporated in the platform,, students or learners find to understand the concepts in an interesting and better way, which is more intuitive.

Are there short term courses available on mPowerO eLearning platform?

There are a variety of short term courses available suiting to your requirements.

In case of power-cut or interference in the network, can I still watch lessons, videos later?

The lesson plans inbuilt on the eLearning platform are made suitable for such technical issues, which are bound to be readily rectified. Nothing is lost neither the time nor the class. It gets automatically stored in its library.

What if I delay submissions of assignments and projects on eLearning platforms? Will I be given another chance to resubmit?

Similar to the traditional system of learning, online assessments and projects have certain deadlines to be met. Students could convince respective Teachers in a traditional learning environment but with online systems it’s impossible to do so.

Hence Online Learning platforms, helps in building the value of discipline and punctuality.

Are proctored exams fair enough to evaluate a student’s performance and level of understanding?

Proctored exams are time-framed, set by the instructors, based on their subject requirement. There is no full guarantee of fairness, yet students can themselves prove one’s ability and promptness.

How is the workload in online learning platforms (eLearning Solutions)?

Every lesson on the eLearning platform is designed to lessen the burden of work and improve efficiency, for both Students and Teachers. Students can approach any desired course online, at their comfort and convenience.

What is the latest trend in eLearning?

eLearning solutions are constantly evolving.

Along with educational institutions it is developing to be focused more on Industry specific creating extensive opportunities for enterprises, keeping in line with the emerging technologies Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed-Reality to improve on content delivery and enhance soft-skill training oriented towards work.

Which one of your offered solutions is most in demand among schools and colleges

Clearly the e-learning platform, mPowerO, is most in demand as online solutions as learning supplements have taken precedence on account of the pandemic-enforced lockdowns. And the habits that were formed during this lockdown have now been incorporated into the learning pedagogies of educational institutions.

In addition to the mPowerO e-learning solution, we are also seeing increasing demand for mPowerO Assess, our remote proctoring solution, which is being used by schools and higher education institutes to administer proctored exams to students sitting at home.

What are solutions offered by mPowerO platform

  • Online Learning for Educational Institutions (Schools, Colleges, Universities and Coaching Centers)
  • Publishers: Monitize Your Content with Digital Publishing and Sell mobile app as the “”new book””
  • Enterprises: Tailored Upskilling courses via iShiksha (product)”