Digital Publishers-Integrate Digital Books with Security Software

While the internet allows publishing digital content at hugely reduced costs with an overreach of much wider audience and building a connection with them, digital publishers have much to gain from integrating security software into their digital content/books.

Monetize Your Digital Content with Digital Publishing

With Content going digital, it’s imperative that physical assets and associated libraries too digitise to expand their horizons for digital publishers, which forms a revenue stream itself.

Why do Publishers need a Mobile App (branded and white-labelled) for expanding their Outreach

Publishing apps in the form of mobile apps assists in securing a strong market presence by making it future-ready with the new-age technology.

Digital Publishing Strategies to improve the revenue of Digital Publishers

The Internet has paved several avenues to improve and streamline their revenues for digital publishers.

Insights on Digital Publishing Tools bridging the learning gaps in Online Learning

Digital Publishing tools have enabled the education ecosystem to design responsive educational content that students can access on their smartphones anytime and anywhere.

Digital Publishing-Role of Technology

With dedicated reading devices evolving tremendously and the increasing rise of digital books or eBooks, the digital publishing industry has witnessed disruptive and innovative developments during the past few years.

Publishers Checklist for Higher Education eBooks

Higher Education Textbook publishers are adapting to the growing need of eBooks as the textbook consumption has shifted from physical books to digital devices and hence an imperative need in the publishing process.

Publishers-eBook Encryption Software

Publishers with the implementation of eBook encryption software can retain complete control over the digital content. This includes viewers, other related information and also prevents duplication/sharing of the content without user consent.

How are eBooks assisting Online Learning Process

eBooks in education have not only optimised learning experiences as learning is being transformed digitally into fun and engaging experiences, but also, ensure that students are proactively interacting with the learning resources.

Guide to Create eBooks for Publishers.

Keeping students interested in plain text becomes a daunting task who start using eBooks at a relatively young age. Educators and Publishers need to find interesting ways to keep the school eBooks engaging and contextually relevant at the same time.

How can Digital Publishers benefit from eBooks

eBooks or digital books, allow publishers to streamline operations – publish and distribute faster, reach wider audiences and develop new revenue streams.

Criteria to Select the Best eBook Publishing Platform

In order to make eBooks accessible, eBook publishing platforms are required and are on the rise with the challenge that is optimal and provides the best output.

Digital Publishing – Myths Debunked

With the emergence of eBooks, the publishing industry has undergone and witnessed a paradigm shift. Digital Publishing has been in tremendous progressive growth with associated benefits such as low cost of production, reach out to a wider audience on a global scale, generating new revenue streams, etc,

Guide to Digitalization of Book Publishers

The process of creating digital versions of physical books, records, manuscripts, magazines etc,. Is called Book digitization/digitalization. As content is made available online in digital formats, there is an implicit need for publishers

E Book Publisher Strategies for Every Publisher

Every print edition of a published book is mostly accompanied by its digital version, now-a-days, as digital publishing has become the new norm for publishers today. Publishers are adapting to the changing needs of users along with

Augmented Reality-Why Use in Education

Learners are constantly simulated to explore and interact these days with ever-changing digital technologies. AR fulfils learners’ needs and desires to explore new ideas and respond more critically to real-world situations.

Augmented Reality-Fostering Immersive Learning

Augmented Reality (AR) is capturing people’s imagination. AR integrates digital technology in the form of device-generated information with the real world environment to provide an enhanced version of reality.

Augmented Reality in Learning Process-Improving Learners Capabilities

Augmented Reality (AR) integrates digital technology in the form of device-generated information with the real world environment to provide an enhanced version of reality.

Transforming the Digital Classrooms – Role of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) integrates digital technology in the form of device-generated information with the real world environment to provide an enhanced version of reality.

Evolving Technologies in Education Sector making a Paradigm Shift to remain Native

Education Technology has been witnessing a continuous and dynamic change within the past few years. Both the Teaching and the Learning models are constantly in flux for effective outcomes.

Role of Education Technology in Revolutionizing Learning

Technological advances to the learning methodologies have changed drastically and are increasingly becoming more popular in the education sector with the increasing usage of the internet and the advent of smart devices to the classroom routine.

Challenges in adopting Online Learning

Online Learning is increasingly becoming more popular as seen by the decreasing number of students who only study in traditional classrooms in the education sector.

Role of Learning Analytics in K12 Education

Whether its traditional learning or online learning, the effectiveness of learning and hence education can only be measured only when data-based learning analytics can be leveraged, where teachers need to understand the learning

Role of Digital Textbooks in the Classroom

With easy access to the internet owing to a wider access to smartphones, the use of digital textbooks as a part of learning process in Online Learning and in Classrooms as a part of Hybrid Learning has taken forefront in the education sector.

Role of AR in Online Learning

Technological advances like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) are enriching the way learning is being revolutionized in being digital for imparting education to learners.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Digital Publishing Platform

It’s a common question faced by Publishers with the dilemma of which digital publishing platform to select for their content. The best one would be the one which ensures the users can create and publish content easily, with ease.

Adapt to eBooks-Advantages to Students and Publishers

eBooks have become synonymous with flexible learning in terms of easy to carry, easy access, being interactive and engaging

Online Learning Platforms-Role in Academic Growth and Development

An Online Learning Platform can be a Learning Management System (LMS) or Learning Content Management System (LCMS) or Learning

Choosing Online Learning Solutions: LMS/LCMS/LEP(LXP)

There are many things to consider to select the right solution for learning needs – When it comes to choosing a learning platform, with so many choices to choose from.

Which One is Preferred and Better for Online Learning Needs-LMS or LXP

eLearning is looking at a paradigm shift as corporate learning becomes more customer-centric. An LMS has been a game-changer for organizational training.

Prerequisites of a Corporate Online Training Platform

Employees who build their professional training skills are more likely to increase their productivity which leads to thriving successful businesses.

Choosing an Online Learning (Training) Platform-Key Questions to Ask

In order to choose a proper, relevant online learning (training) platform for learning/training needs, for educational purposes (Schools in particular and Educational institutions in specific)

The Landscape of Online Learning

Many Companies had to adapt more quickly than they ever anticipated during 2020, In a world where companies were already pushing

The Effectiveness of Online Learning

The global lockdown (due to the ongoing pandemic) highlighted the benefits of online learning. Virtual learning apps enabled students to continue their education off-campus

Blended Learning is the Future of Online Learning

“Learning is a social experience. It is not only about learning content but learning to deal with others”, so do we all realise. Online learning is the future of education. Online learning is definitely on the rise and there need not be questions raised on the same.

National Education Policy-2020: Government of India Initiative – Role of mPowerO

In India, the NEP 2020, which proposes several structural changes in the early as well as the higher education system, has been developed after consultations for nearly five years with stakeholders and the general public.

What is Online Learning like (with mPowerO)?

In the last 20 years, the world of the Internet has grown exponentially. From being nearly non-existent to being the largest, most accessible database of information ever created – the world of web technology has completely changed the way people communicate

Ways to Improve Online Learning (with mPowerO)

Teaching is a difficult task. And when you are amidst a pandemic, teaching gets more difficult. Social distancing, countrywide lockdown, the closing of educational institutes, coaching centres

Strategies for Successful Online Learning

e-Learning facilitates teachers to be front runners while creating an environment where both teachers and students feel empowered, with successful

An e-Learning solution that is designed to perform (with mPowerO)

An education system based on technology has no limitations. Digitizing a classroom cuts down on a recurring expenditure.