4 Things to Consider Before Publishing a Digital Content

The technological innovation has led to an explosion of several digital publishing platforms in recent times. While so many attractive and enticing options to pick from are emerging, it is also becoming difficult to choose one by understanding what exactly is at stake.

That’s why we are here to help you! We will walk you through the various significant factors. It will not only help you to publish a digital content like a pro but will help you in choosing a digital publishing platform that’s right for you.

If you are considering migrating or not yet decided on a platform then this list will help you understand the factors involved. This list, though not exhaustive, is useful for both beginners and more advanced publishers.

Here are few rules to follow for publishing a cost-effective, engaging digital magazine, to expand outreach:

Make your content engaging
Content matters a lot. And high-end digital publishing platforms support interactive multimedia-rich content in various formats like epub, pdf, html5, videos etc. Thus, various content formats enhance engagement quotient. Along with engagement value comes the adaptability issue. If your content is not readable then it is of no use. So, create a content keeping their needs in mind. Stick to particular readable fonts, use colors that are physically easy to understand. Make your digital magazine stand out with a good balance of content and presentation.

Choose a platform that supports responsive magazines
Responsive magazines are the ones that adapt to the screen size of the readers. It is a mobile-first age, and your reader should have a great experience, despite the device he/she is reading on. While a PDF page looks great on a large monitor, reading the same on mobile or tablet is difficult. So, pick a digital publishing platform that helps you in giving an interactive and responsive experience to your readers. Also, think from a user’s perspective and choose a simple UI/UX platform. It helps the user to navigate through the digital magazine seamlessly and gives a good experience.

Choose a platform that turns your digital content into apps
Opt for a slick and feature-loaded web app or a mobile app to publish your digital content. The capability to turn your digital content into native mobile apps in a cost-effective manner is like a huge asset for your publication.

High-end digital publishers offer completely own branded applications, which will not only expand your brand identity but will open whole new channels for outreach and revenue.

Leverage digital analytics
When you are opting for digital publishing then you must utilise the benefits of analytics. One of the key advantages of going digital is the ability to apply analytics and understand reader behavior of your digital content. Well, structured digital publishing platforms provide analytics tools and functionalities that enable you to understand your reader’s thoughts, preferences and feedback. This is an absolute necessity, as it helps to create better digital publishing content. This real-time tracking feature allows you to remedy problems with your app early on. Take full advantage of the data to get the best results of your digital content.

In today’s day and age, digital transformation is inevitable. With print publishing, your reader or audience is limited, however, digital publishing enables you to an audience, which is virtually unlimited. It is high time to join the whole digital transformation wave.

Taking the first step to the digital world can be tough, but mPowerO is here to guide you through. As always, our support team at mPowerO is happy to answer any queries you have. So, feel free to get in touch with us.

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