5 Reasons Why mPowerO Is The Most Teacher-Friendly LMS

One learning from the lockdown is that teachers struggled during the initial days to adapt to a paradigm shift in teaching – virtual classrooms, preparation and uploading of learning resources in digital formats, and structuring learning material for synchronous and asynchronous learning. Added to this workload is the task of having to review homework and correct quizzes and tests administered.

In today’s day and age, technology is indispensable. Since e-learning is here to stay, it is important to adopt a LMS that is ‘teacher-friendly’. The LMS should not only solve pressing problems but also automate tasks, support interactive, experiential and inquiry-led learning. The adoption of technology in education helps teachers to direct their time and energy more effectively on teaching and benefiting students.

Here are the reasons why mPowerO is the best solution for teachers –

mPowerO LMS has been developed by educators, for educators, addressing e-learning, communication and engagement functions in a highly secure manner.

Intuitive And Easy To Use
Since more than 90% of e-learning is happening on smartphones, mPowerO has been developed specifically for a mobile-first experience, with an easy-to-use, visual interface (UI) and user experience (UX). It is the most user-friendly, mobile-first learning management system available in the market today. It empowers teachers to digitally deliver the highest level of teaching and ensure students learn without any complexities.

If you know how to operate a smartphone, then you will definitely know how to use mPowerO!
5 Reasons on Why mPowerO is the most Teacher Friendly LMS

Organised Lesson Planning
Every school has its own philosophy and pedagogy. As e-learning becomes an integral part of the ‘new normal’, it is important that educational institutes ‘blend’ e-learning and digital tools into their teaching pedagogies and learning methodologies.

mPowerO enables teachers to develop and curate lesson plans in line with the school’s teaching methodology. Teachers can create, upload and edit content in digital forms using their own learning material, that of academic publishers or any third-party content, and in different formats – ebooks, presentations, interactive HTML5 content, video links, etc.

Lessons, once structured in mPowerO, become a lifetime learning resource and remain available for anytime, anywhere access.

Discussion Platform
Doubt clearing sessions will become easier with mPowerO. Apart from face-to-face communication, the two-way communication feature on mPowerO allows for teacher-to-student interaction as well as peer-to-peer communication. Students who need clarification can write to the teacher, who can choose whether to address this matter collectively or individually. Moreover, teachers can guide the students in video form, text form or any other form that they want to. This will not only benefit the teachers for better engagement and doubt clearing but will also help the students to refer to the same as many times as they wish.

Real-Time Analytics
mPowerO lets the teachers gauge the learning progress and performance outcomes of individual students, enabling them to identify their specific problem areas and take timely corrective action to help rectify their mistakes more effectively. Moreover, teachers can intimate parents through the LMS and thus collaborate with parents.

Auto-Correct Tests And Assessments
Manual corrections are tedious, time consuming and an additional strain on teachers given their extra workloads. Getting digital assessments, correcting them manually and sharing digital feedback is not only a long process but also not user friendly. mPowerO has an auto-correct feature facilitating automated tests or examinations with the results immediately visible to students.

This pandemic has already created a lot of pressure on the teachers. In order to lessen a teacher’s workload without compromising on learning is important. This is where mPowerO not only helps the teachers to manage all the course content in a single place but also helps the teachers to focus more on teaching than battling technology issues.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your mPowerO now!

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