9 Benefits of Digital Publishing that One Can’t Ignore

Technology has transformed the way we interact with each other, discover information and experience the environment. It has brought a change in publishing too, and it is hard to deny that we’re in the digital age. Publishers are evincing interest in the advantages of digital publishing.

Publishers need to be up to date with emerging developments in the field of monetization, delivery and content marketing strategies.
By choosing a digital publishing platform, Publishers can offer your readers more than just a regular book. There may be plenty of reasons to go digital, but you may also wonder how it will be beneficial to you.

The following however are the nine key benefits of digital publishing, one can’t ignore:

Cutting Expenses:
Cost-cutting is one of the most significant benefits of digital publishing. Think about how much money is spent on print editions, paper costs, printer charges, cover page illustration charges and shipment charges that add up to the cost of the book.

Also, if comparing the cost of publishing a physical book and an eBook, one will notice a huge difference between the two. This is because digital publishing does away with many of the processes involved than in traditional publishing.

Whereas when users opt to buy an eBook, they pay for the hard work of the author and some profit that is being made. That’s why eBooks are always much cheaper than printed books.

Reach a broader audience:
Yet another gain of digital publishing is the number of people you can entangle. With print publications, circulations are bound to be restrained. Production and shipping costs add up additionally to circulations.

With digital, the focus and target audience is almost endless. Local magazines can penetrate into different parts of the World being from another part of the world. National publications will be able to extend their scope around the world. All this can be achieved at a much lower cost by digital.

Needs less storage space:
Carrying a digital device is handy and is easier than people carrying hundreds of books along with them wherever they go.

Space needed for a physical book is also a constraint. Storing books with eBooks becomes manageable and easy. Users have the option of downloading whatever eBook they like to read and save on their devices. If they are interested in reading them again, it is accessible easily and in a quicker manner.

Digital publication, therefore, helps users save physical space at home and digital space in their reading devices.

Go Green with Digital Publishing:
Digital publishing requires no physical material other than a smart device.

Much similar to how emails have replaced postcards, if eBooks could be a substitute for paper books, we can stop the practice of uprooting trees and contribute to conserving the planet.

Analyze Distribution and User Behaviour:
Digital publishing enables to find patterns of distribution. One can see how many users an eBook has been accessed and hence downloaded. This is a perfect way to track the numbers, as it allows you to see the number of people who have accessed your eBook. Reviews can also be read of the eBook.

In the traditional publishing form, the publisher must wait weeks or months to obtain valuable sales information of his book. With the aid of analytics, they can now quickly track and get correct data on their distribution and consumption of eBooks. This helps them plan and if needed, revise their eBook sales strategies. With new data on the eBook distribution and user consumption, publishers can also find out their earnings.

Provides users with an immersive read experience:
An immersive reading experience is provided by a digital publication network:
Not only can users switch pages in an eBook, but also zoom in and adjust font size according to their convenience.
To make your publication more enticing to a relevant audience, one may incorporate many interactive elements.
Photos and videos can be used in your eBook. To check for terms, users can access the dictionary.
Make use of a search function to look for a term or sentence.
The read-aloud function can also be added, where users can hear the content details.
All the above are not possible and can’t be included in a physical printed book. And this makes an eBook more user-friendly and interactive. They communicate with the material regularly, giving them an improved reading experience.

Simplifies the Process of Book Creation:
Keying manuscripts and preparing them for printing is a sheer waste of paper and money. By ending this ancient process and creating an eBook on publishing software, one can create content directly on a digital platform.

The cover page illustration can also be designed/downloaded.
One can add HTML, interactivities, drag and drop elements etc., easily through a digital publishing platform.
The layout and themes chosen for your eBook enable you to design and create creative freedom.

Editing can be done even after publication:
It’s expensive to republish a print book.
Alternatively, one can easily edit and fix mistakes in the case of an eBook. The majority of eBooks now created are on the digital publishing platforms in the cloud. So, if one intends to update or edit some details, it can be done quickly and easily. For print publishing, however, it is not the case.
This allows digital publishing to ensure the books are free of errors and continuously updated.

Publishers can gain advertisement revenue:
Ads are yet another way to raise sales. Many digital publishers make money by selling ad spaces on their websites.

Publishers have the benefit of analyzing the data gathered and selling ad spaces to organizations that are willing to place the ads on their website. While earning revenue based on the impressions is possible, if there are lots of pictures on the blog, the ad service will run the right ad for the target audience.

This is a simple way for digital publishers to enhance their revenue.

These are the main benefits that digital publishing offers. Given its cost-effectiveness, digital publishing enables Publishers to generate more revenue than a printed book. Building content becomes much more convenient with a digital publishing company.

Start reaping the benefits of digital publishing today. If you don’t know how to make a beginning, mPowerO will help you build great digital publications.

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