A Parent’s role in the Virtual Classrooms

Is it the right time for technology to take a further leap in digitalization? Has Digitalization crossed its boundaries for better?

The path of digitalization in education-has it been a boon for Students or Teachers or Parents?

Is Corona pandemic the only reason for virtual classrooms development?
Discovery is carried forward from ancient to recent day. Time of inventions is inevitable. Everywhere where there is life, there is change, and change results in growth. Growth and development are necessary for better survival. It represents progress in various aspects of life. Challenges and difficulties are prone to happen, yet, how we overcome them, makes an ideal difference.

In the crux of the moment, we understand how virtual classrooms have become handy. This has been the apt need of the instance, to keep the education sector going and to avoid interruption in studies, during this particular academic year.

Let’s understand what virtual classrooms are? What are its special features that saved the education during covid19 pandemic? In this context what role parents have to play in the virtual classrooms?
As the definition goes, Virtual classrooms is a digital platform for learning that allows Teachers/ Instructor/Educator and students to interact online in real-time, share learning content and communicate various aspects related to respective subjects taught.

In the Covid- 19 situation when there was a complete lockdown, where staying home safe with masks on and maintaining social distance was the norm to be followed by all. In this critical situation, people and businesses gradually adapted to these safety guidelines raised by the Government. This has affected globally including many who have borne losses due to this pandemic.

Special features of Virtual Classrooms comprises of:
Creation of online courses, tutorials, Connect learner’s and instructor’s from across the globe, schedule live sessions, video conferences, LMS (Learning Management Solution) features namely – Documentation, Online courses, e-learning, content management, education system, helps backup lessons for later use, hosting webinars and more.

Traditional Classrooms vs Virtual Classrooms:
With virtual classrooms, when compared to traditional classrooms, parents didn’t have to accompany their children during class hours. But yes, after classes, monitoring was always there, to keep an eye to check on their lessons, performance, assignments, exam preparation, PTM, behavior and so on.

  • Virtual classrooms, being digital and younger primary kids might pose a threat to operate with quite a bit of smart devices like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc as Children may not know its appropriate use. Parent’s role comes into picture at this stage to guide them constantly as they explore digital devices. The Internet is open to a vast area of topics. Parental advice is required to let them know how much to use? What sites to use? When to use?
  • Then again, technically speaking, a proper Internet facility is required for accessing Virtual classrooms. So elders have a better knowledge in network aspects than children. It’s advisable to keep children safe and at the same time any issues with the internet can be rectified in less time. There is a curiosity in children sometimes to find things themselves without getting their parents involved. Parents need to have some control over their kids to keep them on the right track.
  • Thirdly, the home atmosphere is more friendly and less like a classroom. It is more like a leisure space. It might be challenging to concentrate during classes. Children may deviate from lessons and tend to get distracted easily. They might meddle with their toys or thoughts might travel far away from the actual lesson. The traditional classroom used to be motivating students to learn and concentrate as there are less distractions. With virtual, there is a bigger LCD screen, projector to see things clearly and the presence of a teacher to inspire them. At home, parents need to take the teacher’s role of setting the room like a classroom to motivate children and keep things away that deviate their attention.
  • Parents are mostly required to regularly supervise their child’s homework, assignments, projects, assessments, tests and likewise as per the instructions given by the educator. They essentially need to keep track whether deadlines are met and instructions are properly followed. For students to participate in any online events, parents must encourage their child, to be neatly dressed and actively partake in the program or any competition to participate. This will build their confidence and self-esteem. When such attention is given by the parent to their children, automatically they get inspired to learn more and interested in studies. Hence, excel in their academic as well as extra-curricular activities.

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