Choosing Online Learning Solutions: LMS/LCMS/LEP(LXP)

There are many things to consider to select the right solution for learning needs – When it comes to choosing a learning platform, with so many choices to choose from.

More importantly, choosing an online learning platform that is enabled to meet the needs of modern learners is the challenge. Which eLearning solution is right for business needs and requirements? How can one make a matured educated decision that sets business and learners up for success?

LMS stands for learning management system.

A learning management system is a software that allows to administer, document, track, report, and deliver online learning resources/materials.

Online Learning assets are built and managed with LMS Software.

Why do Corporates need an LMS?:

  • Schedule blended learning for better outcomes
  • Create learner groups based on a set criteria
  • Track learning progress
  • Expedite Career growth

Things to Consider for an LMS:

  • Learner’s do not consider the platform to be interactive and hence engaging
  • Platform/Course design software is not included
  • Using authoring tools are inefficient within the platform
  • Focuses on formal instructional learning
  • Only limited distribution outside the LMS is possible
  • Curating Content has limitations
  • Complex to use

LCMS stands for learning content management system.

LCMS systems help Online learning professionals create, store, and organize online training materials. An LCMS authors, delivers, publishes and analyzes content in a multi-user environment and is made available either off or online.

An LMS focuses on managing learning, rather than creating eLearning. But organizations need to be able to update and create content to remain agile.

Why do Corporates need an LCMS?:

  • Simple and easy-to-use platform/design tools
  • Reduced costs
  • Standardized workflows
  • Collaborative learning is facilitated
  • Rich Content Forms-Videos, Images, PDF, PPT, etc for interactive learning
  • Curate and Repurpose Content in multiple formats

Things to Consider for an LCMS:

  • Blended learning is not feasible
  • Doesn’t support a learner-centric approach
  • Advocates only limited authoring tools and hence restricted scope

LEP/LXP stands for learning experience platform.

A Learning Experience Platform focuses on the problem of “discovery.” A LEP or LXP gives learners the content they need at the time they need it.

An LXP aggregates content and recommends it to users based on algorithms. LXP’s are designed to be learner-centric with a focus on search navigation and content curation.

Why do Corporates need an LEP/LXP?:

  • Deliver Content based on learner interests
  • Allows to curate content
  • AI recommendations mapped to learning outcomes and hence personalized learning paths

Things to Consider for an LEP/LXP:

  • More learner-centric
  • Multiple Content Formats
  • Curated Content Repository
  • Focuses on User (Learner) Experience

Optimised (Effective) Learning Solution

An Optimised Learning Solution must be able to provide SEAMLESS INTEGRATION regardless of the Platform in Use, to ensure learner success at all the times, by reducing the redundancies across the chosen technologies.

Such solution should offer:

  • quick setup and launch
  • user (learner)-centric approach
  • Personalized learning Outcomes/path

Let’s look at each form of Online Learning Solution offers wrt Learners, Content & Platform itself:

Type Learners Content Platform
LMS Manage Learners for blended learning than allowing learners to choose Create a Course Catalog for all Online Learning Purposes Focus on instructor-led rather blended learning.More administric-centric than learner-centric
LCMS Learners can engage with multi-format content, which can be accessible across devices Cloud-based authoring tools including easy-to-use design templates and automation with advanced data analytics Target user is the Content Creator of Online Learning allowing collaboration between content aggregators and integration with advanced learning technologies
LEP/LXP Learners choose Content based on recommendations by an algorithm (AI-driven), thus focus on tracking Personalized Learning Content aggregation mapping Content to outcomes via AI Integrated with machine learning and focus is on User Experience (Learner) to manage and track learning

Learning Programs must incorporate effective learning strategies for successful learning outcomes. Learner Engagement, Learner Experience and Revenue are the key Considerations – asking questions, completing coursework on time, confident attitude, and prepared on exam day. Simply put, engaged learners are present, active advocates throughout the entire learning process.

  • Creating a long-lasting User (Learning) Experience: Learners program should help learners understand what’s required to achieve their goals, offer constructive feedback on their progress, and provide plenty of opportunities for them to practice their skills.
  • Empathize with the Learners Needs & Priorities: No two learners are alike. Hence their learning experiences shouldn’t be, either. To engage learners, organizations should personalize programs based on each learner’s skills and strengths, while removing barriers to participation wherever possible.
  • Boost Learners motivation and morale: Tailor learning programs around learners needs and assist them bounce back from mistakes with clear steps for improvement. Giving learners opportunities to interact with one another will also help create a sense of community and motivate the entire group.

A great learning experience results in more engaged learners, helping them retain more of what they learn and supporting their success on exam day and on the job. Engagement is good for organizations as well, helping to improve candidate persistency, encouraging learners to come back for additional courses, and boosting the bottom line.

  • Learning resources made easily accessible: Since each learner is on a different path,making learning accessible across devices, presenting lessons in bite-sized chunks allows learners to squeeze in a study session whenever they have a few minutes and hence an optimal experience.
  • Personalized Learning: The best learning programs provide a personalized experience based on each learner’s preferences and knowledge across a variety of areas.
  • Progressive Learning Paths and Outcomes: By understanding how users are performing on specific questions or sections and where candidates are dropping out, businesses can identify larger trends and opportunities to optimize the learner experience.

Learning programs ought to be financially viable and the revenue streams need to be channelized without interruptions for seamless efforts in procuring such a program. How organizations can build programs that drive success for their learners while generating maximum ROI – is always a million dollar question?

For many companies who are continuously developing these learning programs, associations, and credentialing bodies, revenue is the missing ingredient from their learning program strategy. Without the right approach, learning programs can require heavy investments in staff and materials while only delivering minimal ROI. As continued learning becomes the standard across nearly every industry, organizations that unlock the hidden potential of their greatest asset – their learners – can transform their programs from cost centers to revenue generators.

The most effective learning programs combine digital learning with a personalized approach to help organizations meet each learner’s unique needs, scale seamlessly across programs, and reach new audiences.

Hence, revenue through personalized digital learning is the right approach to learning that prioritizes learner and organizational needs, resulting in learner success and business ROI.

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