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Today’s Parenting poses a more complexity that it has been in the past, in previous generations. Mobile phones, smart devices, internet and other media forms have added more to this complexity. Also, it’s overwhelming to keep up to the competition with the continuous addition of social media sites and their associated apps.

While acquiring knowledge is crucial and is an ongoing process, it is also handful, at times. But, paying attention at all times, is the key.

The aspect of ergonomics is an aspect that people do not mostly think about, although, it is the most important concern.

Ergonomics is actually the science behind the design of a work environment.  Ergonomics advocates to create a comfortable ecospace for everyone. It also teaches

  • How the screen/monitor needs to be placed to overcome stress
  • How should be the body posture while using the smart devices

Here are a few generic tips:

  1. a) Take regular breaks than constantly and continuously being on smart devices
  2. b) While using the digital devices, encourage kids to use a suitable relevant posture which avoids pain
  3. c) Encourage physical activities during breaks

Tips for Avoiding Excessive Screen Time:

  1. a) Educate kids on online threats so as not to fall a trap into
  2. b) Cultivate to relax in the passive time while not using devices
  3. c) Allow kids to self-moderate so as to take breaks and attempt to take up some other activities
  4. d) Be a role model for Kids in adapting to appropriate screen time limits

Tips on Internet Access:

  1. a) Implement a safe web browser
  2. b) Make use of an internet filter
  3. c) Educate safe browsing habits
  4. d) Download assets only when you are sure and trust
  5. e) Discard unfiltered access to the internet – especially content or random links

Tips for Excessive Usage of Mobile Devices:

  1. a) Educate kids on cyberbullying
  2. b) Teach kids to report to you of any inappropriate behavior
  3. c) Avoid the usage of mobile devices during eating time and bed time

Tips to Use Social Media:

  1. a) Establish ongoing discussion with kids on their usage of Social Media
  2. b) Teach appropriate behavior while using social media to maintain status quo
  3. c) While sharing content on social media, always be thoughtful
  4. d) Avoid pitfalls of cyberbullying
  5. e) Consider responses with compassion

Parenting is a balancing act – It is equal parts of being pure, indescribable joy and mad at times.

Technology works the same way with each one of us – It’s enhanced the living world in ways making things possible which were never thought possible.

Parenting in this digital age introduces challenges and questions we never anticipated and didn’t see coming.

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