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Role of a Parent in Digital Parenting

Importance of Parents during Online Learning

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From being traditional offline to digital now-a-days there is a new challenge posed with the advent of transition to Online Learning. Not just Students, but, Parents have homework too, to adjust to the schedules of the online learning environment.

The role of a parent is always changing and crucial. Let’s look at these in detail:

Parents-A few don’ts:

a) School day doesn’t remain the same:

Online Learning offers more flexibility than a traditional classroom environment.

b) Be vary of the time being spent online:

Screen time and online learning (time) doesn’t correlate to better and quality learning outcomes.

c) Do not fall a prey in becoming “The Teacher”:

Try not to correct children’s work or become their teacher and interfere with their learning processes. Let the flow go on and only assist when it is asked for.

d) Take Time to handle Situations:

It’s hard for Parents, especially working parents and hence give some time to attain balance.

Parents-A few do’s:

a) Assis kids to fall and accept a routine:

For Online Learning, create a schedule that works for kids. Set up a sustainable schedule that can accommodate child’s and Your needs are always possible.

b) To impart Personalized Learning, take into consideration in connecting with the Teacher:

Seek advice from the Teacher on What tasks should the kids focus on, for personalized, engaging and positive outcomes.

c) Be an Admirer and an Encourager:

Help kids start a learning journey if required but do not jolt up with your ideas. The initial support is preferred but gradually the responsibility needs to be shifted to the kids. Hence admire the little things on the progress made. Encourage kids in asking to do more tasks, in getting things done.

d) Remain Connected:

Being connected is crucial for each other’s well being! Stay connected with the teacher to discuss progress, concerns etc. Remain connected with other parents too.

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