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Importance of Technology in Digital Parenting

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Parents need to be worried about what technology is going to drive their children into – via the too much use of digital devices, interaction on social media  – and how kids are being impacted? Too much screen time usage often results in being vulnerable to cyber threats, internet abuse and loss of creativity – thus impacting low emotional skills.

Missing on crucial parenting opportunities, when children see devices in parents hands and are busy checking phones either for work or social media on a movie on OTT, kids would replicate the same, which is a trap.Often, the use of technology by Parents in families not only cause internal conflicts, tension at home but also hinder learning opportunities thus creating negative interactions.

Why Technology matter the most?

Technology has for sure transformed the way parents interact with their kids. Technology also commands more of a parent’s attention and requires a greater emotional investment, which means a less amount of Parent being available to their children.

Research shows that Parents often struggle to find the right balance – between work and family. While technology-based demands such as meeting the expectations at work ought to be taken care of, the desire to be present at home and spending quality time with family members is challenging. Work, Technology and Family Times are always challenging aspects to an adult and particularly a Parent – and technology has always been a front runner.

Furthermore, there is always an emotional distress and a negative interaction is being observed with family members, if there is some stressful or contained information is being received from work. When mobiles have taken precedence due to work, fewer verbal and nonverbal reactions have been overwhelmed which results in undesirable behaviors from Parents.

Some Parents defended their technology-use, indicating that it allowed them to plug into the outside world and served as a vital reminder that there is life beyond parenting.A little time away from kids, than the routine, not only keeps away self from parenting but also creates independence in kids.

Can Technology be taken into control?

Technology for personal usage can be taken into control by defining tighter boundaries, which include: Set Family Boundaries on the Technology Usage, Track your Mobile Usage, Identify Top Digital Device Stressors.

a) Set Family Boundaries on the Technology Usage:

Have an action plan in place to unplug your devices and hence technology. Ex: dining room, bedroom. Also, defining technology free zones such as reading rooms or family rooms where there is a restricted usage of technology is definitely of use.

b) Track your Mobile Usage:

Consider downloading apps to monitor the usage of your mobile devices to establish if you are spending too much time. Come up with alternatives to reduce the time being spent on technology for greater good.

c) Identify Device Stressors:

Schedule definitive times to work so that you are able to spend quality time with your children. Often than not consider your work aspects when kids are occupied with sports or other activities.

Parents need to exemplify as a Role Model in use of Technology:

Kids are usually followers of their Parents and hence there is an imperative need for Parents to set an example for their children, in the use of technology.

a) Put Technology aside for the time-being:

Limiting the usage of technology to do a task which is rather important will make kids to replicate the same with themselves too.  Setting limits on the technology use always works.

b) Be Purposeful:

As a Parent, take a decision on what is right for your child and the family? Define goals to accomplish the same in mutual discussion and devise a plan so that all the family members can stick to it. Remember to watch yourself first.

c) Cultivate Conversations:

Watch movies/episodes with your family and especially kids. Have a conversation afterward aiming to develop family values. This way helps children not only to entertain themselves during watching but also have a helping hand to assist them in educating themselves.

d) Explore Choices:

Book reading, indoor playing, chess, swimming could be made possible options to kids in order to deviate from the usage of technology. Let kids choose on what better entertains them

e) Being Calm:

Educate kids on the benefit of remaining calm, quiet and composed which will help them in further brain development than always sticking to the technology use.  Brain tends to remain creative when the surroundings are non-disruptive and quiet. Lead by an example to kids in setting the best behavior.

f) Talk during leisure time:

During dinner time and bedtime, educate kids on the importance of limited usage of technology.  Ask them ways to make technology-free zones at home and act accordingly to comply with their needs. Taking time to talk with them will comfort them to open up and meet the goals.

Parenting in the era of technology advances with digital devices has certainly evolved and hence Parents need to as well, thus making technology work for their kids & families better rather than against them.

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