An e-Learning solution that is designed to perform (with mPowerO)

An education system based on technology has no limitations. Digitizing a classroom cuts down on a recurring expenditure. The CoronaVirus pandemic has enforced remote learning as the next level of continuous learning and remains the only effective solution in real-time. An online system to plan, execute and assess specific learning processes remains effective.

mpowero-An eLearning solution that is designed to perform

A centralized e-learning platform (Learning Management Solution, LMS as it is popularly called) has great benefits for posting links of important sites, engaging with explicit rich content in multiple formats, exhibiting students’ work and assignment activity, real-time assessment capability. Teachers can seamlessly interact with students and parents all the time. Students can collaborate all the time, by making use of various tools and apps available.

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  1. Teachers can create, assign, and grade assignments efficiently. By going paperless, teachers can say good-bye to those endless stacks of papers.
  2. With the help of a unified school-branded platform, students can explore tons of relevant content that offer engaging resources, a choice to new assignments, and formats. A classroom can be connected to another classroom in another city.
  3. Students, teachers can share their learnings, collaborate on lessons, and know about each other’s community, society and culture.

In a nutshell, an effective online learning platform can contribute to better learning (promotes and facilitates utmost optimized experiences). An engaging learner’s platform is a great way to empower its learners. Digital learning platforms provide students with easy access to highly relevant content, essentially micro-learning for bit-sized consumption with rich visual content, simple dashboard of all the learning modules and assessments with automated analytics to measure performances. The type of technology an LMS uses is crucial to know and understand. The underlying technology determines whether an LMS offers the functionality needed to reach e-Learning goals.

Most of the information stored within an e-Learning platform (LMS) relates to course content and learner performance. This data can be exported in and out of your LMS to and from other systems, allowing your most important systems to communicate and share information.

The LMS itself exists to record, store, report, and deliver learning data by many individuals at once.Further, an LMS can be used in virtually any space to educate, manage, and connect with relevant target audiences and make learning more streamlined, organized, and cost-effective.

An effective online learning management solution (with mPowerO), also:

a) Enables a personalized learning path:
Each student gets a “learning plan” based on how he learns, what he knows, and what his skills and interests are. It’s the opposite of the “one size fits all” approach used in most of the traditional schools. There are a lot of resources available on mPowerO: students can practice tests to help calibrate their understanding of the topic, catch up on missed classes and for practice assessments and more. Students can work with their teachers to set both short-term and long-term goals.

b) Facilitates recorded classroom sessions for references:
Facilitate students to have recorded sessions and learn at their own pace. Also, watching a video as a part of the lesson plan gets easier as every individual will have control over the course.

c) Provides best of videos and on-demand content:
mPowerO offers content curated by subject matter experts, an exclusive collection of educational videos, segmented into easy-to-use clips. New content adds up on a periodic basis with options to share, save, and organize videos and custom playlists. All content is correlated to the common core, state, and national board standards, as applicable.

mpowero-An eLearning Mobile App from mPowerO that works when online and in offline mode with anytime anywhere access

mPowerO provides an integrated solution to students, teachers and parents:

  • students with the right course material
  • teachers assess the learning capabilities
  • real-time monitoring of the progress of course activities, track assignments
  • personalized learning path
  • conduct assessments, track the results via exams, and provide grading

A well thought out online e-learning platform offers students interactive, fun-filled learning experiences. Virtual classrooms strengthen practical skills, self-learning, and problem-based learning skills. The future of academia thoroughly belongs to digital learning technology.

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An eLearning solution that is designed to perform (with mPowerO)

An Online Learning solution that is designed to perform (with mPowerO)

An effective online learning management solution (with mPowerO)

Self Paced Virtual Learning Mobile App Designed for Continuous Learning

Distance Learning App for Optimized Performance from mpowero

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