Avoid teacher burnout during distance learning

The current Coronavirus pandemic is leading schools to incorporate distance learning in their outreach to students. This is a significant shift from the traditional way of teaching and imparting knowledge to students. While e-Learning has definite benefits, it comes with certain teething problems. Teachers are required to adapt to a host of new challenges including adopting online tools such as online whiteboard, managing a virtual classroom, digital documents such as power points, videos, audios instead of textbooks or handwritten notes, online tests and more.

mpowero-Address Teacher Burnout during Online Learning

In order to be effective and relevant, teachers are now required to have a basic familiarity with online communication and engagement procedures. Earlier, if a student was inattentive or faced difficulty in understanding the lesson, teachers could clear doubts immediately or modify the teaching approach to make the class more engaging. The shift from conventional classes to live classes has created many unforeseen problems and many teachers are reluctant and hesitant to adapt to the online classroom module.

However, this transition from traditional teaching to e-Learning is not difficult or complex as it seems. Online learning can in fact be used by teachers to their advantage. Teachers can utilize e-Learning methods to increase learning outcomes of the students, enhance their own teaching methodologies, and build an effective bond with students. Online learning can reduce overhead for teachers compared to the traditional way of in-classroom teaching.

If you are a teacher, here are some useful tips for you to make this transition easier, smooth and beneficial:

Select an easy to use Learning Management System (LMS):
Learning management systems can be complex, difficult to use, and time taking. Thus, explore and choose one that is intuitive and easy to use, has a simple interface and can be managed easily like any other social media platform. Many e-Learning solution providers have designed smart, easy to use learning management systems that are extremely user friendly and come with multiple features that not only automate mundane day to day tasks but also enable teachers to bring in richness into teaching content and methodology.

Create mini interesting lessons:
An e-Learning system will allow you to build out your lessons and teaching material from your own content repository or third-party content providers like online textbooks, YouTube videos, digital notes, or publicly available content from other websites. These short lessons filled with rich interactive, engaging content will help students connect easily and make your teaching and their studying more engaging.

Encourage student teacher discussion:
Many LMS  include online discussion forums. Discussion forums are a string of messages exchanged amongst a group on a specific topic. Much like group messages, discussion forums are more engaging and retain student’s attention better. Even students that are shy to ask questions in a classroom have been known to comfortably seek clarification through this online medium. Encourage your students to use discussion forums if they encounter any difficulty in any lessons. Students can share, debate and discuss doubts and you as a teacher and moderator can resolve them at your convenience and communicate directly to the student. Moreover, students can come back multiple times to review and revise from the discussion board as many times as they need and you as a teacher will not have to clarify the same doubt multiple times.

Take online practice tests / assessments with auto-correct features:
Correcting multiple copies online is difficult. But LMS providers have come up with solutions that will resolve the trouble related to manual corrections. Many e-Learning management solution providers have online automatic correction practice tests. It not only helps the teacher to identify the level of learning of students but also helps students to self-assess their own learning and improve on the gaps in their understanding.

Measure student progress with on click:
It is time for the teachers to gauge the benefits of analytics at the school level, class level as well as the student level. The various analytical reports related to the performance of your classes as well as individual students, made available by your e-Learning solution, will help you to identify their specific problem areas and you can help them to rectify their mistakes more effectively. Also, these results can be viewed by parents, thereby, enabling you to work in a more collaborative manner with them.

Get organized:
This pandemic has already created a lot of pressure on you. Focussing on lessons or teaching content of one day or week at a time eases the pressure and makes the overall course creation process more manageable. Update the teaching content by adding lessons incrementally. Additionally any learning or feedback from the current course content or approach can be incorporated into the next set of lessons. The online learning management system helps you manage all your course content in a single place from where you can access, add or update anytime from anywhere.

mpowero-Teachers are required to adapt to a host of new challenges to avoid teacher burnout
“Difficulty is inevitable; discouragement is optional.”

Take the lead and embrace the technological innovation.

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