e-Learning-Role of Digital Classroom

A ​digital classroom​is way more effective than a traditional classroom. We know textbooks (and printing) costs a fortune and are dumped right after an academic year.

During these unprecedented times with COVID 19 pandemic, remote learning remains the only effective solution in real-time, where teachers and students are to maximize the benefits of a ​paperless classroom with an interactive learning platform, which is facilitated by mPowerO.

mpowero-Role of a Digital Classroom in Online Learning

An integrated ​learning management solution​ consisting of digital classrooms assists:

  1. Teachers – who can effortlessly interact with students and parents all the time. Teachers can plan lessons by using platforms like Zoom, Google Classroom, WhatsApp and a plethora of software/tools available online
  2. Students can collaborate by using various tools and apps available online.
  3. Parents can access students progress and performance along with the courses covered by the teachers. Parents can also take up further career development opportunities with Course Coordinator/Principal/higher management with a plethora of resources, made available in the form of analytic reports, from within the offered solution, in order to set expectations and thus defining a personalized learning path to their wards

Often a good ​e-learning app​is the heart-line of a ​paperless classroom​:

  1. Teachers – can create, assign, and grade assignments efficiently by ​goingpaperless​, and also can say good-bye to endless stacks of papers
  2. Students – can explore tons of relevant content that offer engaging resources – a choice to new assignments and formats – by adding multiple features in a school-branded platform

A ​learning management solution is a great way to empower its learners, by further enhancing the engagement. Digital learning platform providers such as mPowerO provides:

  1. students with easy access to highly relevant content
  2. essentially micro-learning for bit-sized consumption
  3. simple dashboard of all the learning modules and assessments with automated analytics to measure performances
mpowero-Get insights on Virtual Classroom with online mobile app

In a nutshell, a paperless classroom can contribute a better:

  1. Learning – ​Learning facilitated by technology is what Parents (and hence their students) accept today, learning which inculcates a wide spectrum of practices- a mix of blended and virtual learning​.
  2. Feedback – ​Feedback becomes instantaneous, which helps students to review where they have gone wrong and then come prepared to the next class with confidence, new ideas, and revisions, as improvisation.
  3. Self-Assessment – ​Students can now review their work and can compare their work with the help of unlimited resources on the web, in digitally rich formats. Students can also check their proficiency levels, to further improve upon. 
  4. Personalization – ​Students can learn at their own pace, watching a video as a part of the lesson plan gets easier as every individual in the classroom will have control over the video, in regards to time, controlling options like volume, fast forward and rewind, pause, etc.
  5. Assignment – ​Teachers can now find all the assignments in a single platform, carrying student assessment papers homes or storing in school cupboards is no more necessary. There is no question of misplacing students’ assignments

The paperless classroom is the future of education. Going paperless in classrooms offers students an interactive, fun-filled learning platform. Children have demonstrated improved learning skills with technology supported by gadgets such as a tablet, mobile devices, laptops, etc.

An education system based on technology has unlimited opportunities. Paperless classrooms strengthen practical skills, self-learning, and problem-based learning skills. The future of academia thoroughly belongs to digital learning technology.

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