e-Learning – The best solution to Education Industry to combat during the COVID-19 pandemic

Coronavirus originated in the Wuhan region of China and within a few months, it spread across the world like a wildfire. More than 3,017,989 people have been affected by COVID-19 on April 27, 2020, across the world and almost 207,724 have succumbed to death due to this. In March, 2020, the World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 as pandemic and countries one after the other went under lockdown to curb down the contingency rate and save people from the virus. With Coronavirus pandemic expanding across the borders, each of us is stuck at home, as schools, colleges, offices, malls, etc are forced to stay locked down for the safety of the human race.

mpowero-Online Learning is the best solution to combat your learning needs during Coronavirus pandemic

Educational institutions with their periodic curriculum have come to a standstill as schools are forced to remain closed and exams are being stalled, without clarity on the resuming dates. The biggest challenge faced by the schools, colleges, institutions and other educational organisations is “How to continue educating students in this lockdown, which is not going to end soon?” It is time for the educational institutes to welcome the digitalisation wave and embrace e-Learning as the major and only solution. e-Learning is not only effective for such a situation but will create ripples in the educational society in the near future.

Here are the 5 reasons why e-Learning is the best solution for institutions to combat Coronavirus crisis –

  • e-Learning is the best reinforcement to Educational institutions now and also in the future:
    e-Learning is an effective replacement for the classroom direct program, which comes with various benefits. The most important advantage of it is that learning can be enabled from anywhere at any time. Generally, e-Learning is of two types –
    1. Self-Paced, at one’s own convenience
    2. At real-time, with a teacher
    However, some e-Learning service providers are offering an appropriate blend of the above two, and institutions can undoubtedly benefit from it.
  • Digital scope creates a positive impact on e-Learning:
    The digital method of learning not only facilitates an organized way of learning and assessments but also discards the traditional methods of study, which is less interactive, space-specific and time taking. The digital scope of the e-Learning system involves various outside curriculum, interactive sessions, ease of learning from anywhere at any time and many more that are not part of conventional learning.
  • e-Learning provides greater access to multiple assets:
    Students can be given access to online repositories such as e-books, video tutorials etc., by school officials and teachers as per requirement. e-Learning also measures the level of understanding through online assessments, quizzes, etc. The entire curriculum, in the form of course modules, can be customized based on their present performance, helping them to improvise their future academic endeavours, without worrying about the school re-opening.
  • e-Learning facilitates enhanced monitoring and greater assessment capabilities:
    e-Learning solution gives the educational institutes an edge to create automated assessments with detailed performance analytics of individual students with either problem-solving or scenario-based questions by one click of a button. It also provides information on the progress of the courses completed, scores on assessments, etc, and allows teachers to take immediate prompt action and provide personalized attention to each student.
  • e-Learning solution defines the scope for advanced learning and assessment capabilities with Proctoring:
    The evolving market makes e-Learning an inevitable solution for the future educational society and the market price estimates over $100 billion. One of the areas, which is gaining the most significant impact is the virtual proctoring space. The proctoring service added in the e-Learning solution, allows teachers/test-takers to undertake exams, certifications, and assessments at their convenience, while still maintaining exam integrity.

e-Learning solution is indeed the need of the hour and the future of the learning system.

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eLearning is the best solution to Education Industry to combat during the COVID-19 pandemic

The best solution to combat during the Corona virus pandemic is Online Learning

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