How e-Learning solutions will shape education post the Coronavirus pandemic

Digitalization is not only restricted to specific industries but has also slowly crept into Education. e-Learning has been evolving by leaps and bounds and shaping the future educational society. While many schools and institutions are slowly embracing the digital wave, the sudden Coronavirus pandemic has made it more important. Indeed, a novel system of education integrating digital aesthetics with traditional classroom teaching methods is the need of the hour.

mpowero-eLearning Mobile App is transforming learning needs during the Coronavirus Pandemic

The shift to digital education is long overdue and the COVID-19 crisis is expediting the pace of the online learning adoption. While the brick and mortar schools will continue to provide key benefits such as interaction with peers, physical activities and guidance from teachers, e-Learning digital solutions will enhance the classroom teaching further with rich multimedia content and anytime anywhere learning scope.

The education system in India, post the COVID 19 crisis, will definitely witness a higher online collaboration to bring schools, teachers, parents and students together without uninterrupted education policies.

Education segment in India will be positively disrupted in the following different ways post the Coronavirus pandemic –

Schools will be bound to accept and adapt to e-Learning Technology:

Schools will accept technological innovations and denounce the idea of surviving without it. Schools, which will not accept e-Learning technology will remain behind and will leave a mere footprint on its very existence.

Teachers will need to embrace technology to empower themselves and students with blended learning:

Teachers will not only embrace technology and nurture their talents themselves, but will also engage their students with a blended model. This model will be a combination of the online, on-demand learning with a few in-person practice sessions. This imminent shift from the current on-schedule, annual training calendars that most schools are following so far, will become obsolete and will have lesser to no impact after the COVID-19 era. In this modern era of the digital world, teachers will be able to provide lessons, homework, troubleshoot problems through smartphones, SMS, email and WhatsApp with the help of latest technologies, which will lead towards a higher and better engagement between students and teachers.

Tuitions will shift to online:

Age-old tuition practices will transform from classrooms to online platforms. The analogue world of tuitions will be gone and it will be replaced with more integrated e-Learning solutions. Parents will also discover that technology can bring and empower personalized learning, and hence will adopt advanced learning for their children along with the comfort of staying at home.

Personalized Learning is the key:

Data influenced, student-centric models will emerge and schools will realise the importance of data and technology and how they play a huge role in personalizing learning methods for students. COVID-19 has accelerated this speed of adoption. The digital learning will continue to prosper further post-COVID-19 pandemic.

Fundamentally, physical schools will still be present, but with digital learning scopes. Essentially students will have more personalized, technology-enabled options – a blended learning model to empower learning.

mPowerO for Schools offers a unified e-Learning and engagement solution to schools and enterprises, via mobile and web applications, with all the facilities, which are discussed above Here are the key differentiators that make it stand apart from the others:

  1. Ease of learning: Courses can be accessed with the use of mobile and any smart devices at any time from anywhere at their convenience.
  2. Structured learning solution: It provides a Learner-centric approach, to enable a high engagement rate between the teachers and students.
  3. Blended learning: Courses, assessments, assignments, revisions, exams, notifications, events, etc. can be managed by both teachers and students. Also, the content can be enhanced by using visual tools from the app studio with a mix of audio and video.
  4. Performance: An integrated approach where the teacher tracks learner progress, and, school/principal tracks class & teacher performance.
  5. Personalized Branding: The application can further be customized and can be branded to your needs and can be owned by you as your school app, for e.g “myLawrence” app for Lawrence school.

eLearning is the best solution to Education Industry to combat during the COVID-19 pandemic

The best solution to combat during the Corona virus pandemic is Online Learning

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