Online Learning: Dynamics of a Teacher-Centric Classroom

Teacher centered learning methods have been practiced for centuries now. While the world focuses on Student-Centered learning in this digital age, there are reasons to believe why Teacher Centric learning is so required:

mpowero-Factors involved in making a Teacher Centric Online Learning Popular

In a teacher-centered learning platform, it’s the teacher who plans out lessons and sets a definite path to what students should learn, when they should learn and how. Much has been written and said about ‘what’ is teacher-centric learning but we haven’t explored the factors that make this form of teaching so popular even till now.

When a teacher takes the responsibility of a group of students, a lot of research, study, and tactic goes into it. Human interaction and intuition go a long way when it concerns curious minds that need jostling, prodding, and most importantly, understanding. Discussions and conversations become productive in the presence of a wiser person who can channel it in the right direction.

The experience and knowledge of teachers makes them dependable so we can trust them with educating children. Their insightful doubt-solving ability is critical to help out a student where required. Answers and solutions are no longer evasive.

The teacher always beats the machines, in terms of explanation. Whether it is a theoretical subject like physics or an expressive one like that of literature, conceiving a concept is easier than when one does it on their own. A good teacher always makes a good institute. A staff of smart and dynamic tutors can raise the overall standards of an institute by producing a talented brain-pool of students.

An effective teacher-centric online learning solution is the best approach in such a scenario to leverage learning continuity between students and classrooms. It empowers the student with the flexibility to learn and connect anytime anywhere and engage with teachers at difficult times when they need them the most.

Let’s look at some of the factors involved:

Teaching with digitally rich courses –

A unified online learning platform empowers teachers to enhance the study material with visually engaging content curated from several available sources including internet, youTube. The teachers will no longer be limited to the static text book A visually engaging content increases student engagement and learning outcome.

Connect anytime anywhere –

Easy access for teachers and students through mobile or app, students could even operate at low-bandwidth, undisrupted virtual classes through the in-built communication channel and maintain continuity between physical and online learning, so they get access to learning from miles away!

Using real-time analysis –

The teacher can take advantage of online assessments with automated, real-time corrections and results. Access to customized analytics and reports on learner progress and learning outcomes

White-labeled solution –

The school benefits with a branded app, a cost-effective solution and a win-win situation for all the stakeholders.

mpowero-Teaching digitally rich digital courses available both online and offline

All you as a teacher needs is a single digital platform that your students can always visit for the most recent and up-to-date information.

It can be inviting to jump around between swarms of online apps available out there, especially as so many of them are offering free services right now—but simplicity and familiarity are invaluable. Students need to feel comfortable going to the same place to access the same tools. The farther away you are from your students, the more important it is to cultivate stability and practice norms.

With mPowerO, Educators could find themselves a unified mobile-first e-learning solution, specially curated for schools. We also realize that teachers are highly critical in facilitating desirable learning outcomes for various schools (and institutions).A unified e-Learning solution to give a blended learning approach and maintain continuity between classroom sessions and online learning, is the need for the education industry now. Therefore, we have curated a unified e-Learning and management solution that would benefit the teachers in every sphere, which in-turn assists students too.

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