Online Learning-Virtual Classrooms are the New Normal

The Covid-19 pandemic has paved a new way of delivering education in the form of learning outcomes, in the education sector. Being an unprecedented circumstance, teachers have stood up to this challenge in transitioning from the traditional classroom-based teaching model to a more technologically advanced, digital classroom-based, virtual classroom.

mpowero-Virtual Classrooms are the New Normal

Teachers, without further choice are very quickly adapting to this new form of education and are leveraging their efforts to make the most, to its best, from the virtual classrooms, with a gamut of digital resources and making use of tools, in defining personalized learning paths for their students.

Till before the pandemic, online learning has been (was) optional. Now, and in the future, it is (will be) fundamental – no choices.

mPowerO as a disruptor in providing e-Learning solutions, has stepped in as an enabler. e-Learning (Online Learning) with virtual classrooms:

  • seeks to empower students, teachers and parents
  • aims to boost their capabilities
  • is a step forward for creating a hassle-free, effective and sustainable digital education experience for everyone

Digital education – ​with emerging technological trends and dated teaching methods:

  • For Teachers – will often overwhelm teachers who need some hand-holding, and to ease their transition
  • For Students – encourages to do a lot more than just memorize and give exams

For educators –​​if education can be

  • a perfect blend of virtual classroom (and)
  • Face-to-face strategies provider the toolbox that teachers abide by, can be expanded.

For students – ​realisation has to be made impactful – in making them understand to believe that – instead of perceiving virtual education as a challenge, it can be a strong accompaniment to face-to-face engagement.

Let’s understand key learning experiences that could be imparted to students from their teachers, in designing the perfect classroom experience – traditional or virtual:

Asynchronous learning:

  • Students are the key players – take their own time in completing the tasks given by teachers
  • Instructions include – digital assignments and videos
  • Teachers prefer to use Learning Management Systems (LMS) as their interface
  • Example: Google Classroom

Synchronous Learning:

  • Both Students and Teachers are the key contributors – work in a seamless collaborative way, for effective learning outcomes
  • Instructions are – real time learning, consisting of discussions, group activities and project management
  • Interactive tools with video conferencing facilities that allow screen sharing, breakout rooms-in the form of wherein small groups of students can facilitate work on team projects
  • Examples: Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Webex, Skype and Zoom
At mPowerO, we believe, in the current digital instructional design era, the following holds apt (and true in reality):

Enrich Learning Experiences:

We understand that Teachers (as educators) in this new digital era, to ace online learning and effectively conceptualize learning experiences must have an in-depth understanding of

  • What students need to know and
  • What students are able to do (from what they know)

Furthermore, a blend of team collaborations, independent practices, project-based learning and performance-based assessments from teachers will leverage on the learning outcomes.

Let’s look at the following apps that can help with this transition:
  • Google Classroom – Stay organised and track progress through the lesson plan
  • Evernote – Organise your notes, screenshots and documents into separate folders
  • Slack – Communicate with other teachers, students or create group forums
  • TeacherKit – Track attendance, grades and behaviour
  • Seesaw – a student portfolio app that allows students to showcase their work to parents and increase motivation and pride in learning
  • Kahoot – Gamify your courses
mpowero-Virtual Classrooms are the New Normal for Continuous Learning for Educational Institutions and Organizations

Customize Education Experiences:

The thoughtful application of technology empowers students (more than teachers) to assert control over the methods of instruction.

For online learning to be a success – ​the procurement of the right tools and technologies is a must.

Computing needs differ according to the grades of the students with Virtual Classrooms. For lower grades, while it is just a combination of video with rich digital formats, for higher grades, simulation with complicated math formulas and rich data visualization tools will be more relevant and useful.

At mPowerO, the e-Learning solution we offer, caters to blended learning facilitating virtual classrooms for all the grades, for all the stakeholders – students, teachers and parents – apart from Principal (and higher management), where customized reports and analytics are provided, for defining personalized learning path, as a part of the solution.

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Virtual Classrooms are the New Normal in Online Learning

Online Learning makes Virtual Classrooms as the New Normal

Blended Learning facilitates Virtual Classrooms as the New Normal

Online Learning enforces Virtual Classrooms with enriched learning experiences

Virtual Classrooms promoting superior learning outcomes

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