What are the benefits of an e-Learning solution for teachers?

In this era of technological innovation where innovations are driving many industries, the educational sector is also not behind. While virtual learning, online education and e-Learning are getting prominence, it is important for teachers also to embrace the new technologies. These technologies will help the teachers to form a better understanding of their students and adapt methods that are modern and apt for the current world. In this article, we will share the benefits of e-Learning for the teachers.

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e-Learning is the new normal and it is here to stay. While many schools and colleges are implementing the solution, those that won’t embrace it will find it hard and may become less relevant with passing days. Many teachers are reluctant about being exposed to digital teaching methods due to the complications attached to it; however, there are solutions that are simple to use and equally effective. Adopting e-Learning will not only increase the learning outcomes of the students but will also positively impact the professional self-development of teachers.

Structured, central repository of course content –

With the involvement of new innovative technologies, the teachers can create class notes, homework, assignments, tests, quizzes, interactive activities easily and share and manage them as per their need from a single platform. This repository of course content is accessible 24*7 and helps the teachers to enhance and modify as many times as they wish to do so.

Teacher driven course content –

Teachers have the flexibility to build their course content by combining their own curated content or any published content, or relevant content from the internet. This large variety of resources contribute to the betterment of the students, thereby, polishing the tutoring methods of the teachers.

Online assessments with automated corrections –

Time is one of the most precious commodities of any teacher. With the emergence of the e-Learning solution, a teacher can spend less time correcting papers and more time on improving their teaching methodologies and concepts. The constant automated feedback on the assessments also helps the teachers to understand their students individually and work towards their individual betterment.

Smooth accessibility through virtual live classes –

e-Learning solution helps teachers to connect with students from anywhere at any time. e-Learning solution is built to ensure continuity in and outside classrooms and thus, the teachers can support the students remotely. The additional and private instructions by the teachers often help many introvert students to achieve goals better.

Enhanced monitoring and teacher productivity –

Teachers can invest more time on monitoring the students by the help of analytics and reports, which are available on the e-Learning platforms. Hence, the teachers can create personalised teaching assessments and help the students succeed in their studies.

Enhanced communication with students and parents –

The e-Learning solutions provide personalized learning plans for students and personalized teaching plans for teachers at scale, thereby, increasing interaction and engagement with each other. With chat options, discussion sessions and notification feature a teacher can manage his/her students seamlessly and give upgraded education.

Apart from the betterment of the teaching methodologies, e-Learning also encourages teachers for self-development –

Teachers are always working towards the betterment of their students and are left with minimum or no time for their self-growth. The e-Learning solution not only helps the teachers to benefit their children but also to enhance themselves.

Creativity –

Teachers are regularly challenged to be more versatile, creative to entice students and keep them engaged. e-Learning solutions open avenues for teachers to use various online resources and tools to create training lessons and e-assessments, which sharpens the creativity of the educators.

In-depth knowledge –

e-Learning platforms help educators to increase their knowledge and deepen their skills.

Community building –

Online learning platforms not only enhances the bond of a teacher with their students but also helps to stay connected with colleagues from anywhere and share ideas and gain knowledge from each other.

Self-observation –

The technological innovations help the teachers to perform better every time. With the abilities to record sessions and watch the same later, the teachers can rectify themselves and work towards the betterment of their presentation.

Feedback –

It is one of the most important aspects of e-Learning. A teacher receives feedback on their teaching methods from students, parents, colleagues and this helps them to get a better perspective on their work and learn where they can tweak their habits and make improvements.

This electronic format of teaching is indeed helpful, convenient and effective for teachers.

At mPowerO, we realize the teachers are central to driving learning and giving superior learning outcomes for various schools and institutions. Therefore, we have curated a unified e-Learning and management solution that would benefit the teachers in every sphere. In order to understand our e-Learning and management solution better, contact us for a follow-up meeting and/or demo session.

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