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OJT – Stands for On-Job Training: Isn’t a new concept though.

In the Year 2016, The Founder, movie was released and it’s about McDonald’s. The McDonald’s brothers (Richard and Maurice) surpassed their competitors by training their employees to offer speedy service and high quality. Richard and Maurice kept a close eye in monitoring each employee’s performance and provided on-the-job inputs to ensure optimum quality for gaining a competitive edge. During their times, they didn’t have the privilege of leveraging modern technologies to upskill and reskill.

Technological advancements in learning technologies now offer current Training Solution Companies/L&D professionals the opportunities to take on-the-job training to the next level. Most companies still associate with the traditional LMS for providing on-the-job training despite LMS being an effective training tool for over decades.

Let’s look into understanding a few core aspects of on-the-job training and considering LXP as a better opportunity than LMS:

A) Defining on-the-job training:

OJT is a practical training/L&D approach that focuses on disseminating knowledge and skills to employees at the workplace in real-time.

OJT provided hands-on experiences in day-to-day situations in making them perform better and with confidence. OJT also provides employees the opportunities to expand their skill sets while focusing on their current work.

It is one of the best ways to make learning and skill-building a part of employees’ periodic and regular routines.

B) Benefits of on-the-job training:

Just-in-time learning has become the need of the hour as in-house Employees are required to keep their pace with changing business and industry trends.

Digital Transformation and hence acceleration has propelled Training/L&D professionals to build impact on-the-job training programs and to remain competitive in being digital savvy  Employees are willingly taking sincere steps towards on-the-job learning practices due to the following reasons:

  1. Saves time and creates a culture of continuous learning
  2. Retains the best talent
  3. With Visual applications makes learning effective
  4. Unlocks the full potential of the existing talent and skills

C) Challenges of on-the-job training:

      On-the-job training is a propelling fuel to drive an organization to further reach of overall excellence.

A few challenges make the process ineffective though:

  1. Ineffective Training Approach
  2. Lack of Employee Engagement based on their expectations
  3. Balancing in a hybrid workforce

D) Defining LMS – Limitations of LMS in holding back from providing effective on-the-job training experiences:

LMS allow admins drive to manage various aspects of learning:

  • laying out a learning path,
  • the learners follow the path,
  • complete each milestone and take assessments

The learners will then be awarded certificates, based on their performance.

It Sounds Simple, Doesn’t It? But in reality, most employees might not enrol in the courses, and many might not complete the courses if they are not compelling.

Here are a few limitations of an LMS:

  1. Unable to meet to the requirements of a modern learner needs due to a one-size fits-all approach
  2. Focuses on content rather than skill (management)
  3. Lack of flexibility as it highly emphasis on push-based learning
  4. Inability to measure the learning outcomes/ROI due to limitations

There are advanced LMS+, but even they cannot touch the corners that LXP does to provide a satisfactory on-the-job learning experience.

E) Defining LXP: Difference an LXP can make in on-the-job training:

     Smart Technologies are revolutionizing our lives enforcing us to remain in being digital. Smart watches, smart phones, smart TV, smart cars, smart thermostats etc., have replaced all the traditional technologies. So, when it comes to Training Needs/ L&D, there is no need to cling to a traditional LMS when a smart LXP can offer and provide advanced functionality to take the on-the-job training to the next level.

LXP is an employee-centric online learning platform that helps provide interactive and personalized learning experiences. LXP’s are AI-powered platforms and focus on skill-based learning to unlock employees’ full potential across the different colors of collars, thus suiting to the requirements of the entire organization. Using the next-gen technology, employees can conveniently move to their preferred learning path to develop important business skills anytime anywhere at their ease.

F) Why LXP is preferable over LMS for providing engaging on-the-job-experiences:

      Here are a few good reasons to use LXP over an LMS:

  1. More flexibility – Switch between interest-based and push-based requirements
  2. Get access to latest skill-based content fetched by AI
  3. In-depth analytics – Beyond completion, measure learning progress and engagement

 G) LXP provides positive impact on-the-job learning experiences: 

An LXP is loaded with rich features that play a pivotal role in creating a positive learning ecosystem.

      Here are a few key features of an LXP:

  1. Skill driven learning
  2. AI-based Personalization
  3. Deep skilling analytics
  4. Blended learning pathways (70:20:10 model):

A model developed by  Morgan McCall, Robert Eichinger and Michael Lombardo at the Center for Creative Leadership in     North Carolina:

– In accordance with this model, employees obtain 70 of their knowledge from job-related experience, 20 from      interactions and 10 from formal educational events.

– Using an LXP, it is possible to enhance the 70-20-10 learning model and make it more effective by giving the most relevant information when needed on the job. LXP also helps streamline what is being learnt.

– Unwavering determination is pivotal for experiential learning to happen, as 70 % is self-directed learning.  20% of learning happens through social learning. The best LXP offers a social wall where employees can collaborate and learn from their peers. 10% of learning happens through structured learning aligned with business objectives. Here the trainer assigns the courses, and the learners need to complete them in a stipulated time frame, take assessments and improve their skill set to contribute toward the company’s common goals.

How can mPowerO Assist in Upskilling Frontline Workforce:

On-the-job training is a smart approach in providing training with real experiences. Whether it’s a new hire or an experienced professional, a well-planned OJT program can help enhance skills, boost professional development, and improve retention.

Whilst an LMS surely is an effective learning platform, it might not be enough to make the on-the-job experience impact. A more advanced learning platform like a cutting-edge LXP is crucial for Frontline workforce development.

Focus SkillPro has developed mPowerO, which is India’s FIRST AND ONLY COMPREHENSIVE E-LEARNING PLATFORM that enriches the learning experience of the learners –whether in employ ability skills, communication and life skills, schooling, college education and for employee training.

mPowerO is the only e-Learning platform that has been successfully deployed by various State Govt Skill Missions (SRLMs) to ensure quality training at scale even prior to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Focus SkillPro’s associate company, SkillPro Edutech India Pvt Ltd is a Premium Partner of NSDC (National Skill Development Council) and many Sector Skill Councils.

Focus SkillPro implemented large-scale vocational and technical skill development and education projects by leveraging mPowerO. In addition, Focus SkillPro and the SkillPro Group is implementing many eLearning and eSkilling projects for some of India’s leading corporates off the mPowerO platform.

SkillPro is in business since 2008, trained 2,50,000+ youth, 5000 trainers in rural and urban areas across 18 states through multiple centers in India on multiple livelihood skills.

For upskilling Your Frontline workforce, mPowerO provides continuous support and is an end-to-end offering to Online Learning Platforms/Solutions, Digital Publishing Solutions, Upskilling/ReSkilling and Skilling training opportunities for medium to large Organizations/Enterprises.

An LXP provides a unified view of all the important crucial metrics that does matter for on-the-job training through a visually appealing analytics dashboard with multiple correlated factors:

LXP provide critical data on digital learning like: 

  • How is a specific user using the LXP
  • The login frequency on the LXP
  • How many courses is a learner completing in a certain period of time
  • The Courses/Programs that are getting the highest clicks
  • No of Employees taking the assessments
  • Which courses have dropouts (unfinished)
  • What type of content does learners complete quickly (most interested courses)
  • Time taken for a learner to complete the on-boarding process
  • The role scores
  • How well-versed are the Employees with respect to the skills need to do their job better
  • What do managers/peers feel about the employee’s on-the-job performance (360-degree assessment)
  • Managers’ score on employees’ learning progress and learning path

mPowerO has evolved from being an Online Learning Solution (LMS) to serving as LXP in order to accommodate larger targeted audiences for educational/publishing and skilling requirements of various medium to large organizations/enterprises.

Talk to our expert team members for a deeper understanding and more related information.

Reach out via email at info@mpowero.com or visit us at https://www.mpowero.com/ for more information.

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