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Offering on-the-job training in a blended work environment is cumbersome. With an effective strategy in place comprising the right tools and techniques, it can be positively made possible to merge the both of these and amplify learning experiences to substantially improve

  • personalized learning to employees and
  • effective training paths and hence enhanced training outcomes

Here are the best precepts in order to facilitate the same:

1) Enable continuous learning with evolving day-to-day Current Skills:

Design and derive learning plans based on the skills the employee currently needs in comparison to the skills already learnt, to have an edge.

The skills required by the remote employee would differ from what an in-office employee will need and hence L & D teams must ensure to have a systematized process/standard procedures in place to assess the skills needed while employees work remotely and in-office.

Furthermore, L & D teams must ensure that the training/learning journey is aligned to make on-the-job training successful in a hybrid work environment.

2) Enforce Content Curation: Setup a plan & Manage:

The process of planning the content curation is extremely important as it’s an integral part of the enterprise learning/corporate training.

Resources in the form of time (for developing training methods) & money invested would go in vain, without relevant content in place.

A few steps that assist in Content Curation:

a) Take up requirement analysis for determining the requisite

b) Attempt to define and map the content curation journey

c) Aggregate relevant content from multiple sources

d) Follow influencers for more & more content curation

e) Filter and Segregate relevant portions of content to respective learners based on the defined requisite

f) Streamline the aggregated content as per plan of action that fits a timeline

g) Enrich content via further aggregation my adding relevant hashtags, comments and descriptive notes

3) Focus simultaneously on Leadership Training with due equal emphasis and importance:

For the employees working remotely, L&D teams must ensure to have the right skills in place on leadership development.

For the hybrid environment, L & D teams need to design and develop relevant courses, to ensure that leadership development & transformation takes place to empower the leader to manage a distributed team.

4) Proactively involve Manager’s into the flow of Learning:

It is crucial to identify the proficiency levels of each individual employee before embarking on the skilling/training/learning journey. Effective rating systems in place mapping to the existing skill set and to that of learning/training needs to be in place, in order to determine the proficiency level for a specific skill.

Manager’s intervention is instrumental for making an OJT initiative successful. Based on the skill score from the employee and to that of their respective Manager, skilling journey has to be planned and skill learning has to be defined, for effective outcomes.

A constant and consistent feedback approach to the employee by the manager with the advocacy of areas of improvement will assist the employees to put in the extra effort in meeting the requirements.

5) Measure and track metrics to improve Performance:

Learning metrics in training translates into workforce performance.

Refining and re-defining learning metrics assists OJT to remain more efficient and effective. Moreover, respective managers and L&D team members will have clear visibility on the efforts contributed to employees, to increase performance and thus assisting in progressing in their advocated/defined career paths.

6) Offer Certification to keep the Employees Motivated:

Through Certification, recognition comes into place. L&D teams can keep acknowledging the efforts of the learners while maintaining the motivation.


OJT with the right mix of the latest technology via an automated skilling platform creates uninterrupted learning/training and seamlessness in a hybrid work model/environment, thus promoting impactful learning experiences.

An LXP can be a definitive helping hand in providing impactful personalized learning/training experiences in order for the employees to be successful and also the organization.

An LXP powered by the latest AI could further keep up the Frontline workforce up-to-date through micro-learning content merged with AI content recommendations along with an advanced data analytics platform to showcase the outcomes for better learning/training outcomes and learning/training experiences.

For upskilling Your Frontline workforce, mPowerO provides continuous support and is an end-to-end offering to Online Learning Platforms/Solutions, Digital Publishing Solutions, Upskilling/ReSkilling and Skilling training opportunities for medium to large companies.

mPowerO has evolved from being an Online Learning Solution (LMS) to serving as LXP in order to accommodate larger targeted audiences for educational/publishing and skilling requirements of various medium to large organizations/enterprises.

Talk to our expert team members for a deeper understanding and more related information.

Reach out via email at info@mpowero.com or visit us at https://www.mpowero.com/ for more information.

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