How eLearning can be a Teacher’s Best Friend

In the past one year so much has changed before the blink of an eye. It has transformed in and around us.

Education is one aspect that has taken over a new phase in learning, surely for something better. We believe School is the temple of learning and our second home. Currently, it is not the case and has taken a reverse approach.

Home has become a second School now. Moving schools closer to home is no lesser than a big task. Familiarizing with virtual classrooms seems quite challenging to students, parents and teachers as well. For bigger classes it has been even more testing to conduct practical classes.

Questions might trigger in every Teacher’s mind:

  • How to outdo classes with interest, interactivity and engagement?
  • How to help students with remote schooling?
  • How to reduce bug up feeling in students?

It’s understandable to find virtual classes a daily battle to win for teachers. It is extensively challenging for all educators to accept the snap change with the ongoing pandemic and beyond:

  1. a) Safety had to be ensured and learning had to be continued 
  2. b) In addition, the insecurities and concerns of parents had to be pacified. 

eLearning platforms hence have reigned down to save time.

The e-learning platforms have provided ample alternatives to deal with all the uncertainty around. With improved learning experience created on e-learning platforms, it has led to quick delivery of content to its users. For teachers adapting to e-learning must be nerve wracking, a test of patience and a pile of work. But the e-learning solution encourages impactful learning.

Tips to imbibe for a TEACHER, to befriend eLearning Platform:

1. Readiness to learn:

Learning is for all. Further, Learning is at all stages.
A teacher first needs to be equipped with accurate information prior to teaching.
Knowing the facts well before notifying the students, is equally important.
Being humble and learning is better than ignoring ignorance. It’s always better to practice firsthand on the platform and run a trial before the lessons are actually taught. This will increase your confidence level and help you further to manage multiple aspects available on the e-platform.

2. Polish your skills to impact:

It is a gift to deliver an effective lecture or conduct a webinar or academic conference. Prepare a good presentation and rehearse early at hand.
Basic skills to keep in mind are to keep your audience involved by appropriate eye contact, direct questioning, recap of previous classes, practice of blended learning, asking them to jot down, some break-up exercises, and more.
While at home, it may be challenging to capture their attention yet creating more innovative activities can keep them on track and can ease your burden.

3. Automate your teachings and assessments:

Approach the prompt e-learning platform. Follow the guidelines to start with. Enable the automated process to include the course details, assessments, syllabus, projects, dashboards, and more.
eLearning platforms help the connectivity with students and their parents. Dashboards can be accessed by parents or guardians to know the progress of students. It reduces most of your monitoring time. Make use of the platform for engaging the students with more encouraging activities like quizzes, debates, and so on.

4. Discover and implement innovative techniques in your classes:

Try personalizing activities with due rewards.

  • It truly reinforces students to conquer more.
  • It also helps in motivating their efforts in learning.
  • It even nourishes the competitive spirit in them.

5. Befriend the e-learning platform:

Befriend e-learning, befriend members, befriend your abilities and so befriend e-learning platforms.
It may look like a complex task but once you get a knack of using e-learning platforms, further it will make you an expert in the field.
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