How to Build a Teaching Environment of Enhanced Learning Possibilities

Developing a positive and engaging learning environment in any  particular course (or task)  is one of the main aspects of teaching or training. Apart from regular teaching and training, the focus should be creating learning environments, whether traditional or virtual,  which will enable both the learners and the users to engage and interact to learn new skills. 

An ideal eLearning environment, facilitated by Teacher, should be using an online learning platform which helps learners to acquire/improve new skills and provide good, positive experience against any negative attitude among the learners, rather than finding themselves like it is a threat which damages their self-esteem. The ideal platform should:

  • also foster positive ambiance for the learners to feel engaged, motivated and  promote interaction with instructors/learners and 
  • should inculcate a sense of support to the learners.

Let us understand the factors that help (Teachers) to build an environment of enhancing learning possibilities (to Students/Learners):

Create a supportive learning culture-Each learner should feel as part of the team and also should have  connectivity within. The innovative and modern learning platforms offer innovative and interactive courses with a plethora of supporting resources that can be accessed and used by the learners from anywhere and at any time. This type of flexibility helps the learners to progress in their own way and at their own speed.

Should address the needs of the learners-Just like anybody, learners have psychological needs for security, belonging, freedom, fun and the challenge lies among the trainers or teachers to create a learning environment that will help learners to progress by addressing this type of needs with a positive attitude. Learners should be happily engaging and develop the right learning attitude while establishing positive relationships with their team members.

Positive Vibes-In an eLearning Solution,  learners respond with better motivation and admiration than any other measures. Encouragement and appreciation are the successful elements to promote learning experience among the learners, and learners should be given freedom to express their intellectual opinions which enhances it to go beyond the learners attitude. Instead of humiliation, teasing and marking to be slow learners that makes the learners drop out of the course in the middle, the main responsibility of the trainer is to ensure that he or she doesn’t take names of the ones who make the mistakes and address as a group which ultimately creates a pleasant learning environment.

Consistent Feedback-Feedback is one of the best ways to connect with the learners which helps to understand their learning efforts. Feedback is essential to track learners progress and adapt them to the learning strategies accordingly. An ideal trainer or teacher focuses not only on recognizing the learners weak areas but also on the hidden abilities so as to enable them to capitalize on their strengths. A consistent feedback helps and promotes an interactive learning environment and also helps the learners to understand the right purpose.

Celebrations-Apart from appreciation and feedback, celebrating the learners success is also one of the ways of building an environment of enhanced learning possibilities. When the achievements of the learners are recognized and shared with other learners by the instructors, it creates a sense of achievement and further motivates their learning  behavior. The Instructor can also discuss the strategies or processes that can be used by the learner that not only helps them to achieve the objective but also helps others to adapt to the same winning/learning strategy. 

Promote Interactive activities-The learning platform helps in interaction,collaborative learning and ultimately promotes positive relationships among the co-learners and contributes to a healthy learning environment. There are many interactive activities that enable learners motivation to learn and progress in such a pleasant environment.

Conclusion-At mPowerO, with the Virtual Learning Platform, we thrive to create an engaging learning culture where learners feel learning is a Joy. While educators embrace building an environment of enhanced learning possibilities, learners should be motivated from time to time which promotes positive learning outcomes. The Joy of learning with a pleasant learning environment is much possible when an ideal teacher or trainer tries to create a positive model for learning by focusing both on the learner’s efforts and achievements. 

Thus, the learning environment of enhancing learning possibilities comprises of:

  • Teaching and Learning goals
  • Learner’s characteristics
  • Other online related activities which supports learning
  • Culture that directly inculcates a learning environment
  • Assessments strategies which drives and measures conducive  learning environments..

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Building eLearning with Enhanced Learning Possibilities

Online Learning with Expanded Learning Opportunities

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