How To Keep Your Child Safe During the Era of E-Learning

The COVID-19 Pandemic has disrupted the learning of students in the Traditional Classroom in over 185 countries and most of them have now shifted to the Virtual Classrooms to continue their learning process.

But watching your child spend hours on the laptop or phone to access the study material, attend online classes, or even catch up with friends or family can be difficult, as the question of their safety will always linger in our minds. It might even feel as if watching your child venture into the world of unknown danger, unarmed. But we are here to soothe your worry, and inform you of the ways you can keep your child safe during this era of E-learning.

Here are 5 Ways to Guard your Child’s Safety Online:
  1. Use Technology as a Shield: Just as the metaphor goes, Fight fire with fire, use technology to safeguard your child. Always make sure that you have the latest versions or updates of protection and antiviruses on your child’s gadget or laptop. You can also turn on the child safety settings on their gadgets and also applications that they frequently use, to protect them from malicious or inappropriate content.
  2. Educate Them: It is key to educate, and inform your children regarding the dangers of online. If they are old enough to use the online platform on their own, they are old enough to understand the dangers of it. Teach them the basics of staying safe online using entertaining modes like online games or videos, and make it a point to explain to them the key concepts of online danger, like cyberbullying, virus attack, spams, and also teach them good netiquette to be better netizens.
  3. Talk to Them: Talking to your child and discussing with them not just reinforces the safe space that exists in the family, but also boosts your children’s confidence in you. This usually encourages them to come to you while facing dangers like cyberbullying, or malicious attack, helping them take the right steps towards the resolution of the problem.
  4. Monitor and Guide: It is important to monitor your child’s activity online, which in turn guide and protect them. Always keep an eye open, check if they are taking their assignments and classes seriously, help them with their assignments and projects if necessary. But make it a point to check if your child is indeed learning. At times, minor technical issues like poor connection, bad video or audio, or even the condition of study space can make a lot of difference.
  5. Recess is Vital: Don’t forget to give your child apt breaks throughout their day, and make sure to have some form of physical activity each day to ensure that their immunity and health is not compromised. Make sure you remind them to stretch in between the classes because online classes tend to strain your child’s body.

This period can be a blessing in disguise, and you can use this opportunity to spend more time together as a family. Get more involved with your children’s school activities, make sure you keep an eye on your child’s courses online.

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