Make Your Kids an Online Learning Champion

Every aspect in the education system was working normal as per the defined discourse and has been fine-inclusive of Campus, Classes, Teachers, Management, Students, and so on, until the world witnessed one of the worst Pandemic in the form of COVID-19. Everyone at Campus continued to enjoy the comforts of teaching and learning, at school. But this normal routine was soon blown off to an unbelievable extent, all due to the community emergency and for some time it seemed like the education system was put at halt and going numb.

A new dynamic learning environment rekindled the spirit of young minds, asking to adapt quickly, without a choice. To sustain the education of students in a manner, in which they could imbibe a suitable learning environment at the school, campus is crucial at all times.

For educational institutions:

  • specifically to Teachers, it was a challenging situation to keep up with the curriculum.
  • for Parents, it has been a questionable concern regarding children’s education worth the fees.

eLearning/Online Learning/Virtual Learning came into limelight, bringing relief to everyone’s life- Teachers, Students, Parents and of course to Students as well. To this new (era) system of learning along with Teachers, Parents (including Guardians/ Caretakers are equally important) in paying heed to support the learning of students.

Let’s see how with mere assistance, Kids can climb the online ladder of success. Here are the Five ways to guide Kids (with online learning) and make them become an Online learning Champion:

Discipline becomes a part of every student’s life once they begin Schooling. In learning, to motivate themselves, students require a suitable environment, effective communication mediums, and inspiring teachers and learning modules. On the school campus, studying becomes easier because circumstances are set for schooling requirements.

Teachers take time and effort to tame students who are bound to follow the decorum of class and the school’s overall principles. Students try and tend to listen to Teachers better than Parents, being more subject proficient. The challenge with online learning is how to adapt to this, at home?

Students, being at home, enjoy a certain amount of freedom being annoyed and taken advantage of. To inculcate discipline in students, they need an understanding on how to prioritize things. Parents have a crucial role in making this happen. Usually, a child has an innate ability to imitate. So, as a Parent, what you want to teach them first, takes precedence. Taking out decent quantifiable time for your child and assisting them to make him/her understand “how to prioritize work”, is essential.

Parents may use the listicle way. On a board or note help to list the tasks for the day and as per priority put it in order. For e.g., 1. The study, 2. Homework, 3. Play/Hobby. Simple ways can be made easily understood by kids.

Time-management is the essence. Definite and sufficient time must be allotted, as per priority, to all the aspects starting from food, study, play, activity, recreation, skill-task, etc. based on the kid’s interest too. Being mindful of not depriving a child’s needs will make them learn the importance of prioritising things to-d0 and the discipline in the manner these tasks need to be carried out for accomplishment. The tone in which you (as a Parent) communicate, in words and deeds, greatly matters.

At School, Students have a fixed timetable which aids to maintain discipline. Students and teachers are enforced to follow, thus enabling the smooth functioning of the School activities.

In the same way, timetable is such a boon to the students, which will set precedence and help him or her to structure work and study accordingly and also learn time-management, even at home, during online learning.

Setting a suitable timetable is the first priority:

  • explore for any notifications, classes and events, and likewise in the queue. For more clarity, have a brief conversation with your kid’s Teachers, if required, and get information on homework, classwork, projects, assessments, exam schedule, and so on.
  • Next, sit with your child and discuss all tasks at school, and also at home, so as to balance between both. Help him/her design a timetable, to meet both on schooling and personal activities too, as per the schedule and place it in such a place where it is visible. It will remind itself of what your child will do next.
  • As a Parent, You can also set an alarm after each schedule which can work as a school bell, thus, motivating your kid to stick to the timetable.

In schools, the infrastructure and facilities are inbuilt to provide an environment suitable for learning. Students are also encouraged to take care of instruments and equipment as one’s belongings. At periodic functions such as annual day events, every year students are awarded for their extraordinary performance and behavior.

Awards and Rewards could be reinforced at home. Rewards can be little things that make them happy.

For. e.g.Favorite cookie or toy.

  • To set up a study room at home, choose a room that is brighter, spacious, and away from all distractions like TV, audio devices and toys. This will enable the child to concentrate better, while studying.
  • Create a corner to nourish her/his creativity.
  • Hang inspiring quotes on walls that will boost their self-esteem and motivate the study.
  • Also, include a library to instill a reading habit or encourage the use of digital library options available. Keep only subject-related objects, study materials, and necessary smart devices in the room.
  • Encourage him/her to keep the room always neat and tidy.

In this way, the study room can be a replica of the traditional classroom.

Communication is an effective way to build healthy relationships and solve problems. At campus, there is a direct face-to-face interaction and hence proper communication between Teachers and Students during classes. The whole class would be together unlike the virtual classrooms. Teachers could at once sense individual problems and address them immediately. Parents monitoring was less required.

While at home it is challenging to provide complete individual attention, Parents/Guardians/Caretakers need to work hand in hand with Teachers (as mediators) in helping students during online learning. Hence, to enhance a kid’s learning experience, Parents need to devote some time to communicate with Teachers to walk along in the right footsteps of e-learning.

Parents also need to gain access to kid’s performance so that guidance and support can be extended, for better outcomes.

Online learning is still in its initial stages in India and is advancing with digital Technology to remain effective, structured, simpler, instant, and more expertise to intensify the reach.

So be open to learning new online features and it will be flexible to assist your kids to learn too. Be vigilant to track your kid’s online usage of content and extent. Encourage your child to share problems with you. Use parental control measures for ensuring your child’s safety online.

As the old saying goes: There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven!

A time for learning at School or Home; may it be enriching.

Let your child know that hard work and persistence is the main key of life and also the best way to remain successful.

A Take-Away Quote:

“Stop trying to perfect your child but keep trying to perfect your relationship with him.”- Dr. Henker.

Every Time as a Parent when You Spend time with your kid in Online Learning, let the collaborative time influence your kids’ learning experiences and strengthen the bond of the Parent-Child relationship.

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How to make kids as Learning Champions during eLearning

Teaching Kids to emerge as Online Learning Champions

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