National Education Policy-2020: Government of India Initiative – Role of mPowerO

In India, the NEP 2020, which proposes several structural changes in the early as well as the higher education system, has been developed after consultations for nearly five years with stakeholders and the general public.

The new policy aims to achieve 100 percent of youth and adult literacy in India:

  • Soon after this new education policy was announced, S.Chand, India’s top academic publisher, announced their new digital model for education which they will be launching in the coming months is a pivotal step of digital revolution that soon will lead other publishers to understand the urgency to follow the same pedagogy.
  • Teachers are empowered with tools for teaching, communicating, assessing, and analyzing the performance of students and stimulating the minds of Students with e-books, digital resources, mind maps, practices, revision, and assessments. Faculties are not wasting their valuable time in making notes for the students, they are given the content by publishers in a digital way.
  • There is an added benefit of getting the lectures from a teacher who is located at a far fledged distance, say even in another country and the learner can expand the circle of your teachers as per one’s personal choice. Learners can also listen to the same topic from different teachers and can then look at the different perspectives which can give a better and in-depth understanding of the topic.

Digital learning has allowed schools and teachers to create virtual classrooms and continue with education despite school closures. These edTech solutions are not just simple video conferencing applications. They allow live online classes, the creation of customized online courses, and personalized learning ensuring students are well engaged while they are away from classroom learning. However, they fulfill other academic needs of teachers and students, such as assignments and assessments. Moreover, EdTech ensures that student data remains completely secure.

Digital Learning has proven its benefits for schools, educators, publishers, and students, especially during the COVID-19 lockdowns, offering rich features to ease the entire process of delivering and learning.

Today the world is on the verge of a “digital” revolution, which means that there is a need to introduce new educational technologies. Institutions around the world are struggling to organize the learning process in a remote format using online platforms. Educational institutions believe that providing digital education is crucial to their long-term survival and growth. Digital education is also helping in pioneering the concept of collaborative learning where all the minds can converge to create a unique learning experience that transcends national boundaries. Universities and colleges have launched digital tools to foster access to education online in order to bring social inclusion.

Since studies have shown that children extensively use their senses to learn, making learning fun and effective through the use of technology is crucial and Edtech provides these innovative solutions with interactive and fun approaches that will not only supplement the classroom learning but in fact come out as a new-age learning process.

For online learning to be a success – the procurement of the right tools and technologies is a must. Computing needs differ according to the grades of the students with Virtual Classrooms. For lower grades, while it is just a combination of video with rich digital formats, for higher grades, simulation with complicated math formulas and rich data visualization tools will be more relevant and useful.

At mPowerO, the e-Learning solution we offer, caters to blended learning facilitating virtual classrooms for K-12 unifying all the stakeholders – students, teachers and parents – apart from Principal (and higher management), where customized reports and analytics are provided, for defining personalized learning path, as a part of the learning management solution.

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NEP 2020 and role of mPowerO

Online Learning from mPowerO and NEP 2020

Role of mPowerO in NEP 2020 on eLearning

National Educational Policy 2020 and the role of mPowerO

mPowerO and NEP 2020

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