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Online Publishing seems to be rather simple due to the rise in digital technologies and the internet. Be a novice writer or a seasoned publisher, one can get their eBook out there with ePublishing platforms. However, there is always a downside that content can always be copied and hence distributed, without the knowledge of the author and publisher, thus accounting for the loss of revenue.

Monitoring is a difficult task and traditional copyright laws are no longer applicable and hence there is an implicit requirement for protecting eBooks.

Digital Rights Management (DRM), comes into picture, is a means to protect the copyright of your work and ensure secure distribution of digital books. DRM adds a protective barrier to your digital assets to prevent unauthorized access.

Benefits of DRM:

Adding an extra layer of protection with the implementation of DRM, helps to protect rights of one’s work and also prevents unauthorized copy, print or distribution, of eBooks.

a) Increased Revenue:

DRM ensures that only authorized users have access to your intellectual property in the form of eBooks, with Publishers offering teh access to the material either for free or for a reasonable fee, to gain the access. DRM thus ensures increased revenue.

b) Compliance with the Regulatory Body:

DRM assists in maintaining the confidentiality of data and distributing digital books without loss of control over data.

c) Maintain IPR Aspects:

DRM prevents theft of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), maintaining a log of users who have accessed digital books. Infact, the control for distribution of the content to be enabled to the specific users can be regulated.

Protecting your Digital Books for Secure Distribution:

Once the digital book has been made available on the online publishing platform:

  • a) the authors will have options of choosing a DRM Encryption, Social DRM and digital watermarking to your intellectual property. The DRM encryption enables restricted access to the Content.
  • b) the API of the digital publishing platform can be integrated with the website, to allow a direct purchase for users, from the website, which inturn unlocks the content.
  • c) Set DRM to provide restricted access to create interest and motivate readers to make a purchase of your digital book.
  • d) Preferential settings, such as first 5 publications can be set for free, and then post to that, a purchase is required.


Ways to distribute DRM protected Digital Books:

  • Hire an aggregator who distributes your content on their platform -eBook store or through other online retailers.
  • Distribute intellectual property on a digital platform of choice based on licensing model or royalties


DRM is a means to ensure secure distribution of digital content and textbooks, which prevents copyright infringement and doesn’t allow sharing proprietary content without author’s permission, thus giving a complete control of the intellectual property.

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