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With increasing use/consumption of the internet in the digital age, consumers are increasingly inclined to consume content through mobile apps than its traditional counterparts. Digital world is reading, buying and communicating through mobile apps more than ever before with the elusive use of digital content rather than the traditional content.

Mobile apps are the convenient way to consume, share and deliver content.

Smart Device users spend around 90% of their screen time using mobile devices/apps, as per a recent eMarketer study report, which confirms that consumers are more aligned to mobile devices and that their content consumption is higher.

Smart devices account for 70% of the web traffic worldwide and global website traffic generated from mobile devices is almost around 50%.

Here is how mobile apps can unlock the business potential for publishers in a digital world:

a) Contributing to the rise in mobile app economy:

The low cost of smartphones and the increased usage of the internet have triggered the rise of mobile apps and its usage.

Smart phone/mobile is more than a nice-to-keep device. It’s a must for Publishers as there is working evidence of the digital shift in reading habits of consumers from traditional print mechanisms to mobile apps.

The future of consumer engagement is via mobile apps and publishing apps are the next big accelerator for publishers (especially digital).

Publishers need to adapt to this paradigm shift and must leverage mobile apps as a part of their digital strategy for maximising the outreach and enable consumers browsing and buying through mobile apps.

b) Sell mobile app as the new book:

A mobile app for publishers provides a digital address to host content, publish, and distribute it online in a global eMarketplace.

Upgrade reading experiences to stunning pixel-perfect rich digital media on mobile devices. Meet the next walk-in customer on your branded and white-labelled mobile app to provide an enhanced reading experience fostering interactive and intuitive reading environments.

The mobile app thus serves as the new book.

c) One App for B2B, B2C and B2B2C Customers:

Publishers have more leverage to sell their content online through customised mobile apps where they can publish and distribute their content securely to B2B, B2C and B2B2C customers.

Custom-designed mobile apps enabling publishers to sell their content online will resonate both market trends and business goals.

Loads of smartphone users across the globe can become potential customers via the use of custom mobile apps.

d) Integrated payment gateways:

Brick & Mortar bookstores are not the only way to reach readers and generate more business, revenue.

Mobile apps can enable billions of online readers globally to explore content with a simple click away. Via plugging in a payment gateway by allowing users to buy digital books to generate sales through mobile apps.

 e) Generate Customised eReader for online books:

Mobile apps that come with in-built eBookstore features help to stack all digital books, categorise into different genres, tag authors, guide buyers and highlight bestsellers in order to find the book they are looking for.

Mobile apps offer no staff overheads, zero infrastructure costs, and reduce marketing budgets and make books available online to access anytime and anywhere.

f) Develop a mobile app with an inbuilt digital store:

Mobile apps offers publishers to launch

1) a branded eReader with logo, colours, design and display that will deliver enhanced experiences to consumers

2) a white-labelled eBook store that can have a repository within and hyperlinks to outside digital stores in the form of cross-references, for more contextual content to be made available which can be accessible anytime, anywhere

Publishers can enable their digital rich content to be made available to access to their consumers with the online/offline reading feature with eReader without access to the internet.

Consumers can access, purchase, download and read their favourite content online across devices.


Publishing apps in the form of mobile apps assists in securing a strong market presence by making it future-ready with the new-age technology.

Rapid business growth can be achieved with the mobile apps convenience factor merged with evolving technology.

mPowerO provides continuous support and is an end-to-end offering to Online Learning Platforms/Solutions and Digital Publishing Solutions.

Talk to our expert team members for a deeper understanding and more related information.

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