Role of Hybrid Learning

Role of Hybrid Learning in eLearning

Importance of Hybrid Learning in eLearning

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Finding new ways to facilitate learning at a distance, sustain student engagement and deliver consistent success has been no easy task. A functional balance between in-person and virtual learning on their own is always at stake.

As a result, the hybrid learning model is now used to supplement multiple solutions for student success. In some educational institutions, this means having students at home part-time and in-class part-time.

In real-time practice, blended learning usually takes the form of new initiatives, such as project-based learning that add digital rich media resources to common coursework, and further enhance to allow students to adapt to self-paced learning to assist some of their learning experiences to explore the holistic results of differing educational disciplines, for better learning outcomes.

Hybrid learning, instead take these technology enabled online learning tools and provide enhanced opportunities to students through remote online learning portals and online learning platforms for use outside of the traditional learning environment.

Online teaching and learning models can be effective- if students have consistent access to the Internet and computers and if teachers have received targeted training and support for online instruction. Teachers in a generic notion are older than their students and are not necessarily equipped for the latest online learning technology. The training and support they need are critical, and it’s not just for the software itself. How do they create lesson plans under this new model? How do they help students who are struggling? What happens when the software fails? – is the Key.

In order to maximize the benefits of hybrid learning, there is only one rule: Keep it simple. How about a single login platform providing access to multiple interfaces within the learning platform, thus effectively reducing the number of passwords and logins required to gain access, simplicity benefiting students, teachers and parents alike.

The digital divide in education and hence learning patterns are vast and it requires a broader perspective, support via multi-faceted approach. Hybrid classes will remain effective only when backed by the right learning technologies. With the right tools, teachers can aim to bridge the gap between students learning online and those physically in school, adapted to the traditional classroom format.

With hybrid learning patterns being the new and modern education environment, issues of digital equity have brought hybrid learning to the fore. Teachers need to continuously upscale themselves with new tools to not only remain effective but also to drive participation and collaboration (hence engagement) among students. Teachers also need to ensure that every student can be reached and heard, regardless of their learning locations.

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