Role of mPowerO in Offering Digital Publishing Platforms

When the entire world is embracing the digital wave, then why should the educational sector get left behind. Education is for all, and distance should never be a hindrance. In order to empower the educational sector and to benefit all its stakeholders (schools, colleges, training institutes, enterprises, publishers), mPowerO came into fruition.

What is mPowerO?

mPowerO, a cloud-based eLearning platform, which caters to stakeholders of the educational industry. From providing learning management solution to educational institutes, skill development to enterprises to promoting digital content for publishers and supporting the growth of digital publishing – mPowerO is curated to improve continuity in learning.

Developed by SkillPro and earlier known as iShiksha, mPowerO is an end-to-end Digital Solution 2.0. mPowerO for Publishers is an online platform, which enables publishers effective digital transformation. mPowerO offers 100% brandable native application and a web solution for browsers. Moreover, it is a SaaS solution, where you have an entire team having your back with app updates, security, new features, 24*7 support and many more.

For using mPowerO, you don’t need to be tech-savvy or tech skills to use mPowerO, as a person with minimalistic smartphone knowledge can go Live in a day. Just add some content to your mPowerO app, which can be uploaded, created or pulled in from any other sources. You can customise it and launch your fully branded app from anywhere at any time. While you focus on your readers and content, we empower you with technology to go digital.

Now, you can monetize your digital content by leveraging easy distribution, expanding customer base and securely distributing digital content across the globe.
Why mPowerO is different from other Digital Publishing Providers?

Brand-integrable Platform
We offer a platform, which you can sell as your own. Add your brand name, customise as per your requirement and sell the mobile application as the new book. You can deliver lesson content (Pdfs, ePubs, Video, audio, interactive content with HTML5, tests) and configure to your own pedagogy.

Customised Solution
Every publisher is different, and we appreciate if you think out of the box. You might need a special solution, and we are ready to push our solution to the limit. Our experts will guide you, help you so that our Digital Publishing solution fits perfectly with your needs and integrates perfectly as per your device.

Digital Delivery In Various Format
mPowerO is a mobile-first cost-effective SaaS solution, which supports interactive multimedia-rich content – e-pub, pdf, html5, videos etc and can be accessed through any digital platform (mobile, laptop, tablet, computer). We strongly believe that we are now in a mobile generation, and most readers consume content mostly on mobile devices. So, it is of utmost that your content looks and reads perfectly on any device size and orientation. So, create, publish and distribute multimedia-rich content in any format and share without geographical restrictions.

Distribution Model
mPowerO’s main aim is to empower Publishers to have seamless cost-effective secured digital content delivery, with ease of use and monetize the digital content with easy distribution, without any geographical constraint. Thus, with mPowerO’s Digital Publishing solution, you can leverage your existing sales team and channels and distribution for B2B, B2B2C, and B2C sales models.

mPowerO is a completely secured SaaS solution. You can have Digital rights management (DRM) tools or technological protection measures (TPM) for online and offline creation and distribution of digital content. This will restrict the use of proprietary hardware and copyrighted works and nullify the chances of piracy.

As mPowerO is a mobile-first cloud-based solution, deployment of the solution can happen in less than a week’s time. You can curate, digitize your content and start operating from anywhere at any time and you won’t even need any extra hardware cost or maintenance IT overheads. We are blessed with an amazing Customer Success team, who are constantly appreciated and well received by our clients. Our team effort is the key to the success. Not only our client-facing team members take the effort to solve the problems, but our entire team huddles up to solve the challenges and questions.

Competitive Pricing
mPowerO is the leading Digital Publishing solution to Publishers, loaded with cutting edge features that would help any publisher compete with the biggest brands. From various convertors to simple UI/UX design supports publishers to easily upload, curate, distribute secured content and get real-time analytics and insights on readers for better content creation. And don’t worry about the payment as you can pay us when you earn. We bet you won’t get such an option anywhere.

We want to empower Publishers to monetize their content leveraging digital publishing. We are happy to jump on a quick call with you and learn more about your challenges, aspirations and current situation to see if mPowerO is a good fit for you. If you are a print publisher searching for options to move towards and embrace the digital revolution or a digital publisher seeking a better solution, then we are your one-stop solution.

Role of mPowerO in Offering Digital Publishing Platforms

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