Schooling (for Teachers and Children) in Today’s Digital World

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”  – Albert Einstein

Origin of learning is distinct to what we have achieved today, till date. Change is vital, in every aspect of life. Down the lane schooling has evolved-in the approach, subjects, syllabus, course structure, instructors, knowledge, means of communication, learning tools, duration, system, and so on.

Traditional learning has its own crate of benefits, while digital learning has unique benefits in store. Learning zone has taken different diversions along the course of time. The sole purpose of education is development. Therefore, education can take different shapes but the matter remains stable just like water takes the form of liquid-water, solid-ice, and gas-vapor.

In the past, learning in schools has focused more on Teachers. In the present, the focus has shifted to Students and In future the focus is rapidly moving to smart applications. While it’s hard to articulate which type of education can be more effective? Both forms of traditional and digital education are important. As the technology gets advanced the machine oriented life is at threshold. Yet better hold on the grip exists if it’s taking a negative impact and there is still room for improvement. Hence, blended learning is taking shape. Transformation of education is moving towards motivated learning.

“Learning is creation, not consumption. Knowledge is not something a learner absorbs, but something a learner creates.” – George Couros

Schooling for Children:

  • Individual space: The space for learning in digital classrooms has expanded even more than before – considering from laptop to mobile screens (although the physical space is limited to only screens). Each student gets the equal opportunity to express views based on the content shared. Individual attention from teachers and instructors is improved. Diverse topics are available for learning. And more advanced options like mobile learning are trending.
  • Easy learning: Digital learning is readily available now with almost everyone with smartphones lurking the markets. The trend of mobile learning concepts has emerged. Present generation is more advanced in means of ability to grasp and think. Internet facilities and smart devices are tuned in such a talent that they accommodate plenty of interesting features. It’s now easy to carry learning materials anywhere to access education anytime at their convenience.
  • Engagement: Learner’s engagement now is a key focus area. Screen learning has many benefits, as it supports interesting content forms via related videos, images, audios, expert voice, PPTs, activities, and other means, to attract a student’s perspective. This creates greater influence on the learner’s experience and also helps easy registration and better recall. Apart from theory learning, it intends to base the learning on hands-on experience and transform the entire learning experience. Additionally, it promotes blended learning balancing both forms of learning types such as instructor-led and individual learning.

Schooling for Teachers:

  • New learning: Emanated as a new challenge with the pandemic situation and digital learning. All teachers were required to be equipped with a new bunch of skills. Rapid upgradation was necessary before teaching students and involved parents into the system of learning. It is never too late for any good thing to happen. Hard earned efforts bore fruits. Once teachers get a hold on this system of learning, they are able to use it freely, without hesitation and further thoughts. It’s a boon to the teacher’s approach, in upgrading teaching skills.
  • Reduced stress: Digital world has created a gateway to the iconic invention of digital learning. Modern teaching techniques have made it easy for educators, teachers and instructors to access, connect, communicate, interact with students as well as parents, and upload reading materials, learning materials, details and notifications on academic projects, online tests, assessments, evaluation of tests, uploading marks on dashboard, likewise. As digital inculcates larger storage space, unlimited content can be accommodated, which can be accessed anytime, modified anytime, etc anywhere at everyone’s convenience. Workload is drastically reduced. Ultimately this process has reduced the level of stress in the teacher’s life, especially.
  • Innovative Content: Digital learning advancements have impacted the learning content in a remarkable way. Earlier content used to be lengthy, little boring, less engaging and less interesting. But now, with the advent of the learning apps, learning facilitates more advanced features developing interest in students motivating them to learn more and come back to the screen. It inspires to discover more hidden topics related to the subject and thus reinforces self-learning. Teachers and students equally get habituated to screens.


Today’s technology has the ability to empower everyone involved in the process of schooling and hence learning via eLearning. It provides a firm foundation for future processes of blended learning. More than content- based it is evolving into sorted hands-on logical and practical-based learning.

Future is about the digital world and independent learners.

When a fun element is added to education, the blend of learning is made perfect. This is the beginning of Digital learning. More advanced learning magnifying our learning experiences are awaited with machine learning and NLP taking course into shape.

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