Teachers and Hybrid Learning

Role of Teachers in Hybrid Learning

Teachers Role in Hybrid Learning

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Teachers are always the front runners adapting their work to online and hybrid formats without the benefit of time and resources to prepare, at these unprecedented moments in teaching/learning.

Focusing on making a hybrid learning class interactive as possible pays off with better learning outcomes and happier students and teachers.

For Teachers, here are a few tips to adapt to Hybrid learning:

 a) Always and all the times, ascertain in having an asynchronous backup plan:

Posting content, instructions, and activities online ensures students know what to do even if the conferencing tools remote learners use to join class fail.

b) Learning Patterns and Instructions: Be detailed and inculcate digital rich media in exploring the rich media content:

Detailed guidance for students needs to be provided using screen sharing/casting tools

c) Maximize Synchronous learning outcomes using asynchronous learning methodologies:

Teachers should assist Students who should be using asynchronous learning to absorb content and complete activities that will prepare them for a highly interactive synchronous class like a debate, presentation, or design sprint.

d) Ensure being Audible and Visible to your learners:

Collect feedback from both online and in-class students about how hybrid learning is working for them. Position devices in the classroom so virtual students can be engaged. Make the effort to know the connected devices well, so you can take up troubleshooting at the moment, if required.

e) Ensure Screen Sharing is working for sure:

Teachers identified and improved two core skills for using devices well:

  • learn how to project online students on a screen in the classroom and
  • learn how to share your screen with both online and in-class learners.

 f) Setup Classroom environment to sync with virtual classroom:

Online Students should be able to see and hear in-class students. In-class students should also have access to the same, as remote students.

g) Make sure that Students are available for interaction with their video on:

Having Video On allows both online and in-class students to collaborate in small groups.


h) For real-time coordination, use the online chat tools:

At times, connecting all the students on the same video call isn’t practical. Online chat tools like Slack, Google Chat, Microsoft Teams and so on allow real-time conversation and collaboration without requiring a video/audio set up.

 i) Remain transparent – adapt to structured lessons:

Teachers have leaned into structured interactions for students (mixing in-class and online) that stay together over time.

 j) Have a daily plan with Students to ensure progress:

Teachers need to make sure to begin class with an explicit overview of the plan, ensuring that both remote and in-person learners can see it and ask questions.

 h) Have effective tools in place for meeting daily plans and hence better outcomes for students:

Teachers make use of these daily plans not just to provide information, but to connect students to the learning material, resources and technology tools they need for prospering with better learning outcomes.

 k) Take out time to interact with students who are connected remotely:

Scheduling Periodic check-ins focused on getting to know your remote students, offering personalized support, and getting their feedback will help keep them engaged.

l) Schedule interaction with remote students, as per need basis (individual/groups):

Allowing interaction at the end of class or just afterwards to focus entirely on the group of online students can ensure their questions are answered and they feel cared for and will be appreciated for.

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