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Multiple emerging technologies are enforcing a combined driver making curious as no one knows on what does compete depend on. Adapting and growing to these multitude changes with their overall magnitude will be more impactful thus making a meaningful change in the aspects of both personal and professional lives creating unique opportunities to the current-age workforce.

Emerging Technologies:

Innovation is important to growth, but only a smaller portion of the workforce involved in the strategic development, are satisfied with innovation performance. Thus disrupting innovation is paving a way as the changing application of these emerging technologies has the potential to affect the performance and the operational status of the workforce within the organizations.

While digital innovation and enablement is taking place as a front runner, it is creating an extremely valuable opportunity, thus paving ways for new possibilities and the associated challenges.

The current path forward – disrupt the disruptors – examines the fundamental constructs and identifies a construct that a strategic concept could disrupt, initially to begin with.  Integration of these multiple emerging (& disruptive technologies) with their individual and collective abilities working together interactively and in tandem with each other to create synergies are the strategic concept that commonly disrupts the disruptors.  These  initiatives of the real-world, value-driven applications are disrupting the innovation landscape and the commercial markets – and is the backbone of what is currently making the technology leading in an impactful way arguably greater than the internet era.

A forward-looking insight into the moving forward and adapting to disruptive innovative technologies created by new and emerging technologies requires strategic insights for guidance. Here are a few:

a) The greatest challenge for professionals and organizations is enabling the necessity of adapting to the newer and emerging technologies at a quicker pace.

b) The disruptive innovation of emerging technologies, enabling to prepare and position the workforce is both art and science.

c) During the period of adaptation and innovative disruption, it is imperative to determine on how to achieve advancement and sustain growth.

d) The emerging innovative technologies need to provide continuous education and hence changing existing educational models are of strategic importance and a must, which requires increased investment for development and deployment.

e) Emerging Technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality are bound to become must for learning and hence professionals and organizations need to integrate these new skills into their Learning & Development program.

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