The Learning Ecosystem

The Learning Ecosystem

Elements of the eLearning Ecosystem

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Ecosystems usually are familiar in a biological sense, where each individual element interacts and influences one another, in a direct or indirect way.

Ecosystem – is a group of elements that interact and influence each other.

A learning ecosystem comprises people involved, technology used for learning, the content, the culture, and the overall strategy that meets the goals of the organization.

A living ecosystem can either be healthy or deteriorating, requires support or self-sustaining and so does a learning ecosystem. The organization must ensure to have a good understanding of its learning ecosystem so as not to let the learning ecosystem deteriorate.

A learning ecosystem, in the past, used to be quite very simple – learners, educators plus content. With technological advances, today, the modern learning ecosystem is quite more complex – options for content, delivery procedures, avenues of informal learning such as Social Learning & Micro Learning.

With the introduction of Online Learning, the learning ecosystem has taken a major leap as content and technology has a huge impact in learning behaviours with the complex interaction of the human mind.

Learning has evolved from being Teacher-centric to Content-Centric and then to Learner-centric.

The future of learning ecosystem based on this major paradigm shift will be based on:

a) Competency: Knowledge is the competency of the learners and hence learning has shifted from theoretical knowledge to focussing on practical learning competency and efficiency.

b) Curated Content: Curation of Content is evolving from manual to automated on par with the advances and evolvement made in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Learning Management Systems too have become more intelligent and are evolving to interact with the learners.

c) Personalization of Content: has become more focussed now than just being a norm/trend in the past. Very soon tailored curriculum will take shape as a leap in the learning ecosystem.

d) Social Interaction: Humans are Social learners and hence their learning patterns too need to be. The future will incorporate more and more social learning aspects.

e) AR and VR: Educational Content is shifting its gear toward Augmented & Virtual reality so as to maximize personalized learning.

f) Wearables: Learning Experience Design is taking a critical role in the learning process and the ecosystem, right now. Wearable Technologies will be put into implementation to understand the learners behaviour and provide learning experiences thus.

g) Self-directed Learning: Modern LMS have already incorporated these which enables learners to go beyond their current existing curriculum.


The learning ecosystem is at constant flux and is evolving at a significant pace. Learning is no more a Learner-Teacher-Content centric approach and has gone beyond a much more complex mechanism  to maximize the learning patterns and hence outcomes, provided the learning system is guided efficiently and nurtured effectively.

mPowerO provides continuous support and is an end-to-end offering to Online Learning Platforms/Solutions.

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