The Most Effective Digital Publishing Strategies

Today, digital publishing is the new norm for publishers. Although digitization has undoubtedly helped publishers, it is therefore sometimes difficult for the latter to reach their target audience, as they would have to fight through the struggle and make their eBook stand out.

If publishers wish to thrive, digital publications need to expand. It’s all necessary for a new publication: more readers, an increasing number of clicks, enhanced sales. As they refine their growth strategies every year, top publishers are investing in new ways to reach readers.

The Harvard-based Shorenstein Center and Lenfest Institute’s data reveals that the first five 5 % of top publishers have a 97% monthly subscriber retention rate.

Here is the checklist that serves as the basis for joining the ranks of selective publishers’ list:

Assessing the market mood:
When digital publishers adapt their editorial priorities to the needs of their readers, they perform better. The more clearly publishers have an understanding of their market, the bigger and more involved your web audience can be.

When publications are established as critical news outlets in their markets, they create demand. The demand is essential for publishers in a competitive industry to effectively increase their subscription and page views.

Content Marketing:
For over a decade, content marketing has been a part of the digital publishing conversation. This is because content marketing has emerged as a powerful tool for many forms of organizations. In their marketing campaigns, over 80 percent of brands use online content and 96 % of marketers agree that it is quite effective.

One reason that why digital content has become a universally accepted marketing strategy is the increasing dislike of ads. Unlike convention advertising, the content that businesses publish online aims to educate their audiences about important topics and as well as entertain and inspire them. From white papers to funny GIFs, content marketing will continue to be a crucial digital publishing campaign pattern in 2020.

Decreasing friction in the Purchase Experience:
Slow-loading websites, difficult-to-follow directions, and extraneous data fields that consume too much time to complete make it harder for individuals to subscribe to your publication. You can speedily boost website conversions by lowering friction in the registration process.

A total of 1.3 percent of stopped unique visitors per month was converted by the most popular digital publishers. It’s time to make a change if your conversion rate drops below 5 percent.
From the perspective of meters and conversion rates, the following factors will have the greatest effect:

  • Audience engagement
  • Frictionless purchase
  • Targeted offers

Prioritizing Audience Engagement:
Successful digital publishers know that traffic from search engines alone is not enough to survive. A publication will not be maintained by readers who visit just once or twice in 30 days. To create a sustainable news business, it is essential to build a large community of core readers.

Generally speaking, in a 30-day span, ‘daily readers’ are described as those who visit five or more times. Research reveals that 90% of the audience of publishers. According to the Shorenstein Center and Lenfest Institute’s research revelation, only 9% of the audience of publishers falls into the category of ‘regular reader’. When publishers prioritize their ability to engage this crucial community of readers, growth strategies appear to be most successful.

When the Shortenstein Center looked into the factors how frequent readers are engaged by the most effective digital publishers, they found that the following tactics will do the trick:

  • Promotion of ads on social media channels
  • Dedicated teams for audience growth
  • Dedicated e-mail newsletters
  • In-situ recommendation engines

Privacy Rising:
Safeguarding the Internet users’ digital data has been in the spotlight in recent years. New standards are starting to transform how companies communicate online, from advertising to email, with customers.
Digital publishers are advised to follow a few best practices – the first is to keep privacy in mind to be prepared while working on plans; the second is to deliver appealing content that is useful to readers, communicate with, sign up for, and even shop.

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