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Online Teaching is an essential skill for Teachers which is required to quickly adapt to since the need for Online Learning due to COVID-19 has posed a threat. The World has witnessed, both Teachers and Students to opt for Online Learning and thus the rise of Online Learning Platforms.

Teachers adapted quickly to Online Teaching with Teachers being able to choose a reliable, easy-to-use platform that allows them to teach and make students learn easily, thus becoming the backbone for Online Learning needs. A reliable teaching platform encourages Teachers to make the most of their native teaching abilities to progress rather than worrying about the technical aspects of the platform. An Online Learning Platform plays an important, essential and crucial role in the overall teaching and learning process involved in Online Education.

To prove the effectiveness, here are a few aspects that need to be a part of the platform:

a) Conducting Online Classes:

Teachers have a leverage of conducting online live classes or recorded sessions.

With recording classes being offline, Teachers have a choice to publish learning material on the platform at their ease so that Students can watch these recordings at their own pace and convenience.

Online Classes in a live environment need both Teachers and students to be logged on simultaneously on the Online Learning Platform.

Teachers have an option to choose recording sessions or live classes – in Online Teaching Environment.

b) Creating Learning Resources:

The Online Learning/Teaching Platform must be flexible to create personalized course content as per the need and learning pace of the students.

Teachers can create learning material on the teaching platform and publish them on the Online Learning platforms so that students can gain access to these learning resources, to make use of.

To make online classes more interactive, Teachers can make use of engaging study materials in the form of presentations, videos, images etc, so that students can leverage different forms of learning resources.

c) Improve Technical Skills:

Teachers get hands-on experience in creating online courses, learning resources, thus gaining an opportunity to improve their technical skills on the platform and increasing the learning experience of the students. Teachers will be able to improvise their skills for better teaching aids and become expertise in the Online Teaching space.

d) Collaborate with in the eLearning Process:

Online Learning Platforms help Teachers to find potential students from any part of the world to take their online teaching sessions. Teachers can connect with their students via the platform which also has various collaboration tools. Hence connecting with students, collaborating with them and also with the online learning platform tools makes the eLearning process complete.

e) Provide Instant Feedback and support for Improvement:

It’s a myth that Students do not get support and feedback from teachers during online learning. The online chat tools help students to communicate with teachers and also fellow students thus assisting in clearing doubts instantly. The online learning platform also has other aids to provide required instant feedback, for improving learning outcomes of students. Hence, teachers can make their students always interested in learning by providing regular feedback and support.

f) Save Time & Resources:

Teachers can save a lot of time and resources with classes, assessments, exams, evaluation and performance being online. The core administrative aspects of traditional teaching are taken care of and hence teachers can spend more time in making interactive learning possible in the form of bringing innovation to learning resources.

g) Monetize Courses:

With online learning platforms, anytime and anywhere teaching is made possible. Teachers can also charge money for a few specialized courses or learning resources. Teachers can also place affiliate links to learning resources to earn extra perks in some online learning platforms.


The effectiveness of Online Teaching and the implementation via Online Learning Platforms for Teachers thus highlighting the benefits, as mentioned above, are a boon in Online Teaching, which paves a way for making a career path for the teachers who have been under the traditional teaching methodology.

mPowerO provides continuous support and is an end-to-end offering to Online Learning Platforms/Solutions.

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