The Role of eTextbooks

Digital Textbook can be defined as an electronic version of the published textbook.

eTextbooks are known as the digital versions of the printed books that can be easily accessed, read and annotated from digital devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones and eBook readers etc. Apart from the easy access, ease of reading, portability, page navigations, e-textbooks are equipped with enhanced interactive features that enable learners (students in particular) to learn effectively.

The usage of e- textbooks is growing at an aggressive pace in schools, colleges and universities (educational institutions) and it is expected to dominate the traditional textbook within the coming few years. Even Publishing companies are investing time and a lot of money in developing e-textbooks .

Let’s discuss some features of eTextbooks:

  1. Interactivity:
    To make learning more engaging and customized, e-Textbooks offer a variety of interactive features that include, ability to adjust font sizes, multi-color highlights, audio renditions of the print, copy and paste options and dictionary, to just name a few.
    eTextbooks also helps students in their lesson note-taking without any impact on the original pages.
  1. Besides this, many etextbooks enable searching for phrases and keywords from within the text, by making it easier and simpler to find the specific content. This helps to save time and also eliminates the steps to go through index pages and manually searching for a specific text in the paragraphs. Students who are visual learners can greatly benefit from using a digital textbook.
  1. Portability:
    eTextbooks can be accessed and read on any portable devices (smart).
    Furthermore, students need not carry heavy backpacks as multiple textbooks can be carried anywhere and can be accessed anytime which allows the students comfort and ease which makes learning happen effortlessly.
  1. Adaptability to the Different Learners:
    Teachers in special education or adaptive services can greatly benefit from working with the etextbooks as they are simple, easy to download and adapt their teaching methodologies, specifically to the learners, with reading challenges and special needs.
    In some of the instances, publishers offer tailored support services to the educators, who are preparing specific materials from the textbook and help them to be more accessible to the students.
  1. Availability of the Latest Information:
    An Ideal etextbook allows the process of editing much faster and simpler.
    Once the book has gone digital, it can be updated and accessed frequently to ensure the information is accurate. It also helps the teachers to observe how all the students are performing and adjust the course material accordingly, that will enable the students to learn more better.
  1. Environment Friendly:
    Paper based products incur huge cost of production and also bring a negative impact on the environment when compared to the Digital Version.
    Digital Textbooks are totally eco-friendly and this makes e-textbooks gain more popularity in terms of its usage.

Benefits of eTextbooks:

The following are a few major benefits of eTextbooks, for learning purposes
(especially for Educational Institutions):

  1. Cost-effective:
    eTextbooks are much more cost-efficient when compared to the printed textbooks because of the simple reason that etextbook production does not require any resources such as ink and paper.
    On an average, etextbooks cost about 50-60 percent less than printed books and help you to save money.
  1. Ease of Access:
    With etextbooks students need not wait to purchase from a physical store as these are digital in nature and textbooks can be downloaded and also saved on the smart devices.
    Depending on the etextbook provider, some of them can be read and downloaded even without an internet connection (available offline), while some others require internet connection that can be accessed with interactive features.
  1. Learning On-the-go with multiple learning options:
    With Digital Textbooks, students learn by finding relevant study material in regard to their course that can be accessed through smartphone, ereaders or tablets.
    eTextbooks come with interactive quizzes, embedded videos, hyperlinks and also social sharing features and Visual appealing features that engages the students in their learning process.

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