Understanding Copyrights

Name is a unique identity of an individual person. Every product or creation has a signature name, or call it a brand name or a product name, which cannot be duplicated or copied.

In the same manner written content or digital content, any image, video, music like property, etc, all fall under one category of intellectual property. These properties need to be safe and secure. In order to protect intellectual property, certain rights are reserved.

Copyright, is thus, right of owning one’s creative work, whether content or audio or video like format. This right is owned by the author but a publisher can own it if it’s a publishing company. There is a mutual agreement between writers and publishers, whose rights are listed as to how to publish, how many copies to produce, any royalties entitled, working of copyright, when they will be paid?

Digital learning with technological advances is emerging and is developing in leaps. Great amount of content is being produced, processed, disseminated and sold every day. The whole concept of copyright revolves around the idea of recognizing which content or text or copy can be copied to what extent and by whom. This is agreed upon a legal agreement with or without benefit of the owner of such exclusive property.

Understanding Copyrights (from the perspective of Digital Publishing):

To jolt down, Copyright claims a wide range of intellectual property per say:

  • Written text: E-Books, e-zines, e-Brochures, e-greetings, e-paper, e-periodical, movie Scripts, other literary works.
  • Audio: musical lyrics, instrumental songs, talks, speeches, audio message, and more.
  • Video: Movies like animation, still movies, motion-pictures, Sci-fiction, TV programs, Reality shows, so on.
  • Application software: Mobile application, Computer application whether for business, entertainment or personal purposes.
  • Artistic creations: paintings, designs, patterns, graphics, images, charts, infographics, architectural designs, likewise.

Copyright differs in different countries and for different intellectual properties. Duration of copyright also matters in different places. It might range from 20, 50 and 70 years depending on the country of function. For some copyrightable work it is automatically applied.

Copyright agreement works like a license. This copyright certificate can be produced in court during the time of official crisis or whenever required.

It is important, to try,  to keep up to the copyright laws. It’s better to follow than to violate such rights. There are severe penalties for violation of copyrights. Every individual or business must take precautionary measures beforehand to be vigilant about keeping away from violation overall.

To coincide there are three elements added to this concept of copyright:

Firstly, Permanency, this kind of creative work includes all levels of original work and there must be to some extent copyrighted. Some parts are required for permanently locked storage which is unable to be reproduced or used for any purpose. For instance, if a writer comes up with a novel written, then this content will be permanently reserved. Yet not until it is in some format of a tangible material like e-paper, e-book.

Secondly, Appearance, suppose in the same instance of that novel written by the author and at the same moment his or her friend comes across a close friend who is a composer of songs. Based on the same idea, the story takes the form of lyrics by the composer and composes a song. Here, both will get their works get recognized and copyrighted.

Thirdly, Originality, every creative work has its own value. Generated value must be valued by its viewers. This reputed piece is highly rewardable in the eyes of public view. As the saying goes, ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. Each one who encounters this original copy perceives the level of their understanding. Whoever is the author whether a child or a professional writer, both works are equally regarded as copyrighted copy.

To sum up, things like facts and titles remain forever and get copyright protection. But the copy can be modified to add more meaning and disclose different perspectives. This can be done without issues. Following Copyright laws are important. Ensuring copyright for your copy is a wise decision.

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