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An Ideal & Comprehensive Digital Library

The word Digital has transformed the way we read and learn, in our day-to-day activities.

What is a Virtual Bookshelf?

Virtual bookshelf is an online space that enables you to track or store the books that you want to read in a virtual environment: 

  • A Virtual bookshelf can be defined as a programmatic method to create an interactive bookshelf to read and store digital books online.
  • One can keep Virtual bookshelf public with known friends, peers or to anybody globally and also can make it private.
  • A public bookshelf feature enables you and readers to view your anticipated and current reading booklist and also rate the books of your interest.

Virtual Bookshelf vs Conventional Bookshelf:

Virtual Bookshelf contributes to Digital Learning as one can access  required books on any laptop, tablet or smartphone device for reading, studying and learning.

  • As compared with the conventional bookshelf, Virtual Bookshelf allows one to organize and catalog a library of books based on different categories.
  • Apart from features and tools, Virtual Bookshelf helps you to maintain a list of books that you want to read in the future and also tracks your reading process.

Some of the Virtual Bookshelves, especially for higher education and schools are linked with global libraries and have a  browser that enables readers to scroll through and view the arranged titles just as they are in the physical library.

How Virtual Bookshelf adds value to Students: 

A Virtual Bookshelf is totally dedicated to books that helps the readers to access all types of categories of their interest and also facilitates discussions.

Here are a few ways that Virtual Bookshelf assists students:

  1. Complete access to a library of Resources – Students can not only access digital books  from the web but also from the digitized libraries of their respective associated institutions.  An Ideal Virtual Bookshelf helps students access the plethora of resources which they need to work on their respective research or homework or project.
  1. Access to Arranged Books – Virtual Bookshelf is a simple and easy way of finding books in an online bookshelf, as all books are arranged and organized in different categories.
    Students can read the review of the books of their interest by just clicking on that particular link and then choose accordingly, beforehand whether or not to actually read the specified book.
  1. Supports both Offline and Online Teaching – A Virtual Bookshelf supports both traditional learning (classroom based) and online learning (teaching).
    In a traditional learning environment,   an instructor  highlights important content to read as part of the classroom homework or activity.
    On the other hand, in eLearning,  Teachers can instruct the queries of the students by providing online resources from the Bookshelf.
    Furthemore, Virtual bookshelf enables students to learn efficiently,  and also they can highlight any text, add notes just like they have been doing and continue as if they are working on the paper.
  1. Anywhere and Anytime Access – A Virtual Bookshelf allows access anywhere and anytime to the learners convenience and hence to the learning resources. Furthermore, students can access the learning resources such as ebooks on their laptops, notebooks, tablets or smartphones.
    Virtual Bookshelf offers students to access and carry the complete library with just an access to both the reading device and internet . Some of the Virtual Bookshelves help users to buy and download a book, based on the payment made.
  1. Collaborates Group Activity – A physical library may contain a limited number of books regarding a particular topic. However with a Virtual Bookshelf, limitations are eased off and all the students (in a particular group) can have simultaneous access at the same time, with multiple numbers of books, being in digital format.
    This enables the students to highlight the text in the books with different colors and add notes for all the members and collaborate together, enhancing the scope of interaction and readability.
  1. Simplified Search – Students can find multiple ways of browsing through various sections and pages in the Virtual Bookshelf. It is simple to navigate and easy to access to their respective topics of interest.
    Further, students can use the related search terms to find the exact section or paragraph they are looking for.
    Also, some more digital bookshelves also support the content resources with interactivity and rich media such as videos, quizzes which makes learning more interesting.

An Ideal Digital or Virtual Library helps both instructors and students to access the resources that support daily education needs for learners (students in particular). Readers can review books, have discussions and share the notes of their choice within their group.

Virtual Bookshelf is gaining the attention of the educational institutions and the readers that supports interactive learning.

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