Ways to Improve Online Learning (with mPowerO)

Teaching is a difficult task. And when you are amidst a pandemic, teaching gets more difficult. Social distancing, countrywide lockdown, the closing of educational institutes, coaching centres, training hubs and others are paving the way to teachers to take up online teaching for their respective institutions. While online learning has been there for more than two decades, the current pandemic is making online learning more relevant. And it is indeed here to stay. Online learning engages, connects and transforms students in a positive way.

Way to Improve Online Learning from mPowerO

Student advocacy is the heart of any teacher’s job. With more relevance to eLearning, teachers are finding ways to make it better, even for students working on smartphones.

Online learning has a different set of challenges. With learning online, students must have the motivation and discipline to work in isolation. A lack of face-to-face accountability makes it easier for an online student to give up without anyone noticing. Moreover, with the beginning of the new academic year, teachers are unsure of the exact amount of time they will need to dedicate to remote teaching. With staggered calendars and schedules, many of the schools, who have adapted to eLearning are attempting remote learning, which isn’t going the right way. Many students are asked to take exams on the handwritten paper and upload copies on the internet and the teachers are asked to check copies manually on paper, which is becoming a tedious task, as they have to see online copies, write feedback on the paper and upload the document again. While schools need to adopt the right eLearning platforms, teachers will also need to continue making pedagogical shifts and pivots to adjust to yet another new instructional day in their efforts to engage all learners, in the form of online learning. Furthermore, teachers need to exemplify what it means to truly advocate for young minds and entail more than just teaching curriculum and grading papers. Online learning indeed seems to be a hard task for teachers and instructors all across the globe.

But here are a few ways to increase online student engagement. Various research shows that by these the teacher will increase the level of student satisfaction, perceived learning, and actual learning. When students enjoy, they take the online learning successfully, thereby your educational institute benefit from their return business and referrals.

Deploy an intuitive easy Learning Management System (LMS) –
Students and teachers who are more used to learning and teaching in a classroom or meeting room might have trouble adjusting to the online learning experience. However, a well-designed LMS is the solution. They are intuitive, structured and extremely simple. To help students and teachers thrive in this new environment, schools and colleges should associate with advanced LMS providers, who can enhance online teaching and learning experience simply and not in a complicated manner.

Present clear, organized, rich, bite-sized learning material –
Apart from easy navigation, presenting clear, engaging rich content to the students in a structured manner is also a challenge. State-of-the-art level LMS providers have unlimited cloud storage where teachers can upload bite-sized own content, eBooks, PDFs, YouTube videos, external content in a structured manner and share with the students. These various forms of structured content will not only make learning engaging but can be accessible at any time, both online and offline from anywhere. On the other hand, the teachers will get to use the content multiple times and enhance them whenever they wish.

Build a healthy discussion platform –
It is a complete myth when people say online learning doesn’t help in building bonds or there’s no communication between teachers and students. Well, it is extremely wrong. Structured LMSs help teachers and students to communicate from anywhere at any time. Moreover, teachers are required to maintain personal contact with their students. While online classes can be held through advanced software integrated on the LMS, students and teachers can communicate through discussion forums, which can be revisited by students later also.

Provide personalised learning –
One of the many benefits of online learning is that it helps teachers to give personalised learning to students individually. Teachers need to address academic, social as well as emotional learning, especially for underperforming learners. And with advanced eLearning solution, this task is lessened, as she can give individual assessments, study topics to every student. On the other hand, the students can also get personalised lesson plans and have a self-paced learning experience.

Provide regular feedback through real-time analytics –
Frequent check-ins over phone or email, or through the class LMS will help teachers to better understand students’ needs. Structured LMS solutions have real-time analytics for students, teachers, principals and parents. These analytics will not only help teachers to understand students, but the parents will also understand their child’s shortcomings. On the other hand, the principal can see how the various grades are performing and the student also gets the ideas of his/ her performance.

Undertake online tests –
Help students cross the knowing-doing gap by having them instantly assess what they’ve learned. Well-structured eLearning solutions have automated correction features for online tests. While it helps the students to immediately understand their performance level, it also lessens the tedious task of teachers to check copies manually. And during that time the teacher can focus more on preparing and modifying lessons.

Have regular fun sessions –
Learning is a serious business and it takes a lot of energy for students to learn and for teachers to prepare the lesson. But learning in a fun way is not as tedious as it seems. While the teacher gets to build a bond with the students and make it an enjoyable experience, the students start finding studying interesting and works harder.

Effective use of EdTech with good teaching practice will facilitate all the above and help the educational institute stand tall amidst the others.
What are the Ways to Improve Online Learning with mPowerO Platform

mPowerO, as the best Online Learning and Management platform, helps in making online learning better with the following aspects –

  • Provides anytime anywhere access with one click
  • Availability of online and offline content
  • Automated corrections of online assessments, tests, exams
  • Connect students remotely with virtual live classes by using Microsoft Teams (mPowerO Partner)
  • Ensured continuity in and outside classrooms

mPowerO’s vast experience of skilling 3,00,000 youth and deploying the eLearning solution
at several educational institutes and enterprises within a few hours, makes online learning easy to adopt. It is indeed a reliable partner to help educational institutes go live with their online learning needs in a day with all our stakeholders without any IT overhead or new hardware cost.

Get the best eLearning and management solution today with mPowerO!

Ways to Improve Online Learning with mPowerO

Providing Personalized Learning with mPowerO

Effective use of EdTech with good teaching practice from mPowerO

How to improve Online Learning with mPowerO

Make online learning better with mPowerO Platform

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