APSSDC case study from mPowerO

Problem Statement for APSSDC from mPowerO

Solution Offered by mPowerO to APSSDC

Value Proposition from mPowerO to APSSDC

mPowerO Case Studies to APSSDC

Problem Statement

  • Shortage of quality trainers, particularly in more remote locations
  • Inconsistency in training delivery and training content
  • Classroom training not engaging leading to high absenteeism and dropouts
  • Lower placement percentage due to poor employability fit

mPowerO Value Proposition

  • Ensures structure and consistency across training centres
  • Experiential video content makes learning more engaging
  • Training material remains available for self-paced learning
  • Measurability of progress and outcomes for corrective action

Customer Delight

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mPowerO Benefits

  • Improvements in training delivery and engagement
  • Better job-preparedness and industry-connect
  • Reduction in mid-term candidate dropout rates
  • Higher-than-average course attendance rates
  • Instant test and assessment results leading to better learning outcome
  • Improved placements due to better industry-connect and soft-skills