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The Problem Statement

  • 80-100% attrition at entry level positions
  • Recurring costs on acquisition and on-boarding
  • New joinees from smaller towns with lower communication and soft skills
  • Increased training hours leading to reduced on floor/billable hours

The Solution

  • Structured Pre hiring, Induction and On-going training modules for better job preparedness
  • Shorter induction timelines for new hires
  • Reduced classroom training time and increased on floor time for employees
  • Increased billable hours from Day 1

The Approach

  • Shortlisted candidates given access to pre hire modules
  • Structured courses developed for basics in telephone etiquette, workplace etiquette, telesales, customer handling skills to ensure better job preparedness on Day 1
  • Candidates clearing interview rounds have already imbibed necessary soft skills allowing for focus on process training
  • 85-90% of candidates going through this process stay for an average of 18+ months leading to improved productivity
  • Attrition of 6 months+ experienced agents reduced by 28% due to on going training on soft skills and other self development courses