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The Problem Statement

  • Very high attrition
  • Loss of productivity
  • Recurring costs on acquisition and on-boarding
  • No professional ‘development’

The Solution

  • Tiered structure with progression mapped to tenure and ‘skills’
  • Increasing benefits mapped to tier progression
  • Courses in ‘white collar’ skills and life skills offered as part of benefits

The Approach

  • Delivery Executives (DEs) with 6 month+ tenure eligible to participate
  • Courses in Basic English Communication, Dressing for Work, Right Attitude at Work, etc offered
  • Courses to be taken online during non peak work hours
  • Average course duration of 2 months
  • Weekly reviews to measure pre agreed performance metrics
  • 85% of DEs enrolled completed the course within the stipulated period
  • 90%+ of DEs gave feedback that courses had helped in improving their ‘lifestyle’