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The Problem Statement

  • Inability to find good quality trainers, particularly in more remote locations
  • Inconsistency in training delivery as most trainers are under qualified
  • Classroom training not engaging leading to high absenteeism and dropouts
  • Lower placement due to poor employability

The Solution

  • Delivery of theory sessions in classroom using high quality experiential videos
  • Give candidates access to iShiksha solution for self paced learning and ‘catch up’
  • Administer real time assessments so that candidates can see how they scored
  • Embed potential employer video content to enable better fitment once hired

The Approach

  • Blended learning model to ensure structure during classroom sessions
  • Training material taught in classroom made available to candidates for self paced learning
  • Weekly assessments administered in classroom every Saturday with results immediately published
  • Consistency and measurability of training delivery and outcome across 11 SkillPro centres
  • Video content ensure that soft/behavioural skills also imparted during job role training
  • Highest attendance and lowest drop outs across the State
  • 15-20% increase in the job offers above the required norm
  • Better retention of candidates placed