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mpowero Case Studies of Robotex India

Robotex India – Client Introduction

Robotex India, a non-profit organization on a mission to teach Robotics, AI, ML and STEAM to tribal, rural and government school students pan-India. Team Robotex India strive to attain ‘technology for all’ inclusivity with a vision to eliminate educational inequity in India.

Our Impact – 20,000 students from government schools in 5 different states successfully coached, the children have showcased remarkable capstone projects addressing troubleshooting real-life problems using technology of robotics automation.

Our stupendous CSR partners/donors support has helped outreach thus far while we continue to work towards our aim from 20000 students to 200,000 in 2021.

Robotex India flagship workshop series active in various states for the students are:
● ‘Girls Who Build Robots’
● ‘Girls Who STEAM’
● ‘Build your First Robot’


Krishna Vola

Robotex India- Problem Statement

When COVID-19 Crisis struck in March 2021, Robotex India agilely transitioned to fully digital model, online workshops for over 8000 students. Technology yet again came handy for future skills education, keeping intact cognitive and logical thinking, team building, STEM approach as the students work in groups online and learn to code their robot via live sessions online.

Robotex India – Solution Offered

mPowerO eLearning Solution via its mobile app interface was piloted in association with Robotex India, a non-profit organization on a mission to teach Robotics, AI, ML and STEAM to tribal, rural and government school student’s pan-India, with 500 students from government schools in Pune, Maharashtra.

A fully digital workshop has been organized in teaching children via the mPowerO eLearning Platform, how to program and operate a robot via a combination of LMS + live sessions by Robotex India.

Robotex India – Quick Development

  • Students are from extremely low strata of the society, underprivileged homes wherein electricity is a struggle, wifi is unheard of, students either have one tab which has been given by the schools or come from a single device/phone family.The following are a few unique offerings:-Unified app for Students (learners), Robotics Teachers, Management of Robotex India
    – Single sign-in feature for all learning requirements and outcomes
    – Simple and easy to use UI
    – Extensive Content repository

Robotex India – Outcome

To see some astonishing robotics projects executed by the students in the areas of agriculture, covid19 food delivery trucks to corona patients to oxygen delivery cylinders, BMW Biomedical waste contactless waste bin.

With really limited resources the zeal to learn and create meaningful projects via STEAM Robotics, where there is a will there is most definitely a way – is what these students have exhibited to the world.

Sankit Patil
Anjali Verma