Client Introduction

  • Swiggy is lndia’s largest on-demand food delivery platform covering more than 500+ cities and towns, with over 1.6 lakh restaurant partners

Problem Statement

  • To build loyalty with its Delivery Executives reduce attrition and upskill for better service delivery standards

Solution Offered

  • mPowerO (formerly iShiksha) e-skilling solution with online courses in Basic English Communiucation and Workplace Behavioural Skills such as Grooming, Right Attitude at Work, as part of Swiggy’s in-house Benefits Program

Customer Delight

  • Click Here to know how team mPowerO has anticipated the needs and was able to meet the Customer expectations.


  • High enrolment and adoption, with 80%+ of the Delivery Executives enrolling for these courses, 90%+ of the Delivery Executives felt that the courses had helped improve their ‘lifestyle’ and self-confidence
  • Improved ‘stickiness’ to Swiggy as Delivery Executives were happy that Swiggy was ‘investing’ in their development and growth

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