About Power Appu

Power Appu is a character-based educational content (mascot driven e-learning platform).

Meet Power Appu:
A baby elephant with magical powers and wisdom who uses it to connect to his family and forest friends.

What’s Power Appu Series about

The Power Appu Series is an animated, engaging e-learning programme designed to deliver a progressive learning path of core learning concepts to children. The Power Appu Series, based around Power Appu and his friends, including a girl named Neena, tackles problems, travels the world in search of knowledge, encountering adventures and forming new friendships along the way.

Power Appu Series admirers who wanted to see our mascot in action, have achieved incredible visibility with a subscriber base of over 1 million and more than 1 billion views, and content in 10 languages, thus having a strong following.

The Power Appu Series App lets you track your child’s learning progress and measure learning outcomes based on course completion and testing parameters.

In a Nutshell, the Power Appu Series covers the following (but not limited to):


Our English Curriculum Includes

  • Recognizing and learning English alphabet sounds through phonics
  • Learning to blend sounds together to form new words
  • Learning to build sentences from the story words
  • Developing efficient reading and writing skills
  • Building vocabulary
  • Developing language comprehension skills through stories and rhymes

We introduce the English alphabets to preschoolers by synthetic phonics through a fun-filled animated curriculum that grips the young minds and prepares them for further language understanding in higher classes.

Our teaching modules for children, through Kindergarten to Grade 5, are creatively designed to build and hone reading and writing skills, master language comprehension and develop effective communication.


Our Math Curriculum Includes

  • Recognizing numbers
  • Learning to count forward and backwards
  • Recognizing shapes
  • Understanding Time
  • Learning Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Multiplication Tables
  • Fractions

The Power Appu Series Math is a stimulating animated program that is modeled around the concept of “learning through fun”. From Kindergarten to Grade 5, the math lessons take the children through recognizing and counting numbers, understanding shapes and time, to an upgrading levels of addition, subtraction and fractions.

The curriculum is designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of core concepts and sets a firm foundation for developing math skills in higher classes.


Our EVS Curriculum Includes

  • Drawing awareness to different life forms through songs, rhymes and stories
  • Learning about wild animals and their environment
  • Learning about domestic and wild animals
  • Developing awareness about food, nutrition and health
  • Learning the fruits and vegetables we eat
  • Developing awareness on nature, seasons and weather
  • Learning about countries, their cultures and etiquette
  • Helps develop social skills and manners

Our fun-filled EVS curriculum through Kindergarten to Grade 5, takes the children through an amazing journey to explore the world. They learn about the various life forms in nature, seasons, weather, the culture and etiquette of different countries, the food we eat, health and nutrition.

Along with developing a significant knowledge base, the animated modules open up their vision to a global family. They learn to develop social skills and understand the value of respecting and caring for the environment.


Our Science Curriculum Includes

Educating children on:

  • Our physical world
  • Exploring their surroundings using their senses
  • Planet Earth – its origin and life
  • Factors important for sustaining life on Earth
  • Seasons, importance of water, water cycle and conservation
  • Planets
  • Basic science facts
  • The Human Body and its different systems
  • Breakthrough scientific inventions
  • Plants – subdivisions of plats, seed dispersal and photosynthesis
  • Principles of S.T.E.M

Power Appu Series Science begins by  tapping on the inbuilt curiosity of little minds to their physical world. Our curriculum through Kindergarten to Grade 5 is one enticing science learning expedition that has the children explore, learn and experiment while thoroughly enjoying themselves. The fun medium of animation and music stimulates and facilitates learning, and sets a firm foundation for further understanding of science in higher classes.

DIY Center

Our DIY Center Includes

  • Fun-filled Art and Craft
  • Easy Cooking for Children
  • Face Painting
  • Origami
  • Nail Art
  • Balloon Sculpting
  • Kirigami
  • Yoga
  • And so much more

Art encourages children to think, hence it’s paramount in their development. Our DIY art and craft videos are designed to stimulate creativity in children.

Creating different art-forms with different art mediums encourages children to think out of the box. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and helps build confidence as they go.

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