Covid Safety For Facility Managers

mpowero-Virtual Classrooms are the New Normal
Complete Course Details

Topics Covered:

  1. Introducing yourself to others (Sample Video)
  2. Chatting with co-workers (Sample Video)
  3. Seeking and giving advice (Sample Video)
  4. Directions to an address (Sample Video)
  5. Expressing emotions (Sample Video)

Number of Lessons: This Course Includes

  • 44 Sessions in HD Videos
  • 5 PowerPoint presentations
  • 6 Assessments.

Language: English

Learning Time: 30 days

Outcome: Improved English speaking skills with customers, supervisors and co-workers.

COVID Course for Facility Managers

Online COVID Course from mPowerO

COVID Course Safety Measures Course from mPowerO

Learn Safety Measures for Facility Managers on COVID 19

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