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The Education Sector keeps revolutionizing due to emerging technologies, transformations & its innovations. Leveraging these technologies enhances both teaching and learning in the classroom environment (offline and online) to add up to the overall learning experience.

The conventional educational system has progressed from traditional textbook-based learning to a technology-driven learning environment due to the widespread adoption of internet access and technology across multiple smart devices and its quick adoption.

The application of emerging technologies will lead to a digital transformation in the existing educational models and pave the way for new innovations to the way students approach learning.

In coming years, emerging technologies will impact the learning methodologies in the following ways:

a) Rise in Blended Learning Environments:

A combination of conventional face-to-face classroom learning with latest technologies of online learning environment across multiple smart devices is taking precedence. While the traditional learning environments don’t diminish any soon, the rise to the blending learning environments, in the form of Hybrid Learning makes learning interactive and easily accessible to the students.

Virtual Learning leads to flexibility in learning with an engaging learning experience via ANYTIME ANYWHERE access.

b) Personalized Learning:

The inclusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in learning is paving the way to empower students and result in the personalization of learning patterns to meet the needs of individual students, by comprehensively analyzing the learning patterns and historical study behaviour. Advanced learning analytics to this data collected is paving way for further advancements in the form of Microlearning.

AI-based learning applications have the potential to track student’s progress, trigger warnings, get automated reminders and come up with personalized learning paths.

This takes precedence on a one-size-fits-all approach to classroom approach, custom learning experiences, based on custom software which results in personalization of learning experiences.

c) Automation (in Learning):

The amalgamation of automation and Artificial Intelligence in the Education Sector has the potential to reduce the laborious administrative load on the educators, thus paving the way for automation of repetitive tasks resulting in effective use of time and hence dedicating the spare time for effective learning.

The use of speech-to-text algorithms will assist students take class notes in a more efficient and speedy manner.

Automation eliminates human bias and fatigue, where applicable. Automation, thus assists both Educators and Students and facilitates increased productivity.

d) Immersive Learning Experiences:

A Visually Stimulating Environment with the use of technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, makes learning a more immersive experience for the students.

VR/AR facilitates experiential learning both in early and advanced learning stages.

Gamification is the next emerging technology in making studying both fun and engaging.

e) Smart Learning:

The use and implementation of interactive applications and devices is paving the way for the development of smart learning environments.

IOT based solutions – focuses on the use of smart devices for enhancement of skills & personalized learning and makes learning more accessible with increased efficiency in teaching and learning methodologies, thus, a steep growth in the use of “Mobility Strategies” to facilitate ANYTIME ANYWHERE Learning which is an important component of smart learning environments.


The use of connected devices is revolutionizing and further innovating to transform the learning – in the form of transfer of knowledge from the classroom to the fingertips of the students, thus, improving the accessibility by multifolds.

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