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Technological advances like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) are enriching the way learning is being revolutionized in being digital for imparting education to learners. Learning is enhanced through wider content accessibility, contextual relevance thus paving the way for personalized learning and better outcomes.

These modern technologies increase more interest among students thus increasing the engagement via providing visuals to learners that can enrich their learning experiences. Educators can create content that links visuals to reality, for easier understanding to the learners.

Defining Augmented Reality:

AR is a technology that facilitates learners to enhance reality by adding a layer of information and interactivity which is superimposed on the actual visuals of the learning resources. Better visuals and sensory experiences are created with this additional layer of computer generated content & images that is visible when one points their smart device at specific points, thus paving users to see real-world images.

AR comprises of 3 types:

  1. a) Location-based: displays information based on the smart device’s geo-location.
  2. b) Projection-based: AR software sends light to an object which creates an interactive dashboard in a real-world environment.
  3. c) Superimposition-based: AR software allows users to replace the actual image

Hence, the learners will be able to view all visuals linked to the concepts within the learning resources, when a learner scans the AR-enabled content with an AR-application on their smart devices.

Benefits of using AR in Online Learning:

a) Better User Interaction: 

Interactive Courses with Visual rich elements increases the involvement of the learners for deeper learning, optimal understanding and better learning outcomes, thus paving for better and personalized learning paths.  AR in Online Learning will entice learners to better user interaction and enhanced learning experiences.

b) Reduced Cost-efficiency:

AR in Online Learning allows cheaper, easier creation, modification and deployment of digital content with negligible costs. AR enabled content and it’s visuals on learners’ smart devices can be viewed itself in an enhanced manner thus improving ROI for educational institutions and publishers.

c) Content Accessibility:

Learners can have access to rich media with visual elements for interactive and intuitive learning experiences.

d) Contextual Relevance:

Integrating AR in Online Learning enables educators to make use of technology to create and deploy 3D Visuals to enhance the learning experiences for learners. This enables relevancy of content as educators can showcase real-life functionalities.

e) Enhanced Engagement:

AR in eLearning will appeal to learners resulting in better engagement with digital rich content. 


Integrating advancing technologies in the education segment can enrich and further enhance the benefits for learners and educators with rich learning experiences. AR motivates students to learn, transforming learning methodologies with inclusion of interactive elements and facilitating better outcomes via increasing the users attention span. 

Technology-driven eLearning with digital content transformation assists to deliver robust learning experiences with the incorporation of technologies such as AR, VR, MR and likewise.

The use of AR, VR, MR and advanced technologies are revolutionizing Online Learning in Education and further innovating to transform the learning, thus improving the accessibility, interactivity and engagement for learners by multiple folds.

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