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Increase productivity, improve service delivery and build loyalty across all stakeholders.

mPowerO – An End-To-End eSkilling Solution


white labelled & personalized to your organization’s training needs

Upskilling/ Reskilling

Use a library of experiential videos for transformation and upskilling


Engage with your distributed workforce – anytime, anywhere

mpowero-Analyse elearning efficacy with a measure on outcomes

Evaluate program efficacy and outcomes


Assess ROIs through increased productivity and savings

Our Key Values

  • Less time away from Operations
  • Just-in-Time learning for better outcome
  • Gauge quality and drive continuous improvement
  • Create seamless integration as a Company branded-experience


Communicate to reinforce company values, policies, compliances & benefits



Assess skills in a transparent manner with high accuracy & minimal HR intervention



Reduce new hire on-boarding timelines with superior job preparedness


Re-skilling/ Upskilling

Regular training and development of workforce to ensure stability and continuous improvements

Future-proof your Organization using mPowerO to unlock value

Your workforce and channel partners are the first to represent your Brand, engage your Customers and see your Product in Action. mPower your workforce to unlock value in your organization with the mPowerO solution” Not crisp and neither clear. This does not even make sense. Cut/paste from slide deck does not convey any meaningful message. Needs to be rephrased.

mpowero-Improve revenues with mpowero mobile app on your upskilling
Improved ROIs
  • Increase revenues from better product knowledge
  • Improve customer satisfaction scores
  • Higher on-the-job time from lower classroom training hours
  • Lower training costs with improved training outcome
Learn on onboarding skills with mpowero platform
  • Reduce new hire on-boarding timelines
  • Ensure better job preparedness from Day 1
  • Reduce onboarding costs
  • Lower attrition rate saves employee acquisition costs
mPowerO for Enterprises on eLearning
Upskill / Reskill
  • Reskill low performers
  • Workforce stability through behavioural transformation
  • Employee development programs with less ‘classtime’
mPowerO eLearning Solution for Enterprises
  • Reinforce corporate values
  • Align workforce to business objectives
  • Improve staff relations
  • Communicate workplace policies and benefits

Case Studies

APSSDC experience improved placements and reduction in dropouts

APSSDC experienced a shortage of quality trainers, especially in remote areas, inconsistency in training delivery and content, lower placement percentage, due to poor employability fit and high absenteeism and dropouts.

mPowerO ensured a structured and consistent approach and resolved the issues and benefited APSSDC in numerous ways.

APSSDC is one of a trusted client of mpowero

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Case Studies

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