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Augmented Reality (AR) is capturing people’s imagination. AR integrates digital technology in the form of device-generated information with the real world environment to provide an enhanced version of reality.

AR in education is facilitating better learning outcomes with improved learning experiences. The inculcation of AR in education is transforming the traditional classroom learning environment into an immersive learning environment via providing interesting, interactive, innovative and engaging experiences.

AR is allowing students to make the most of their smart devices and assist publishers expand their digital reach.

What’s the need for AR in Education?

Educational Institutions and Publishers (academic in specific but applicable to all) can make the learning process interactive, intuitive, interesting and engaging, with the inclusion of AR.

AR also ensures the learning to remain active, despite being engaged, in the form of building interactive classrooms.

How to use AR in the Classroom?

Educational institutions prepare students for the future, which cannot be achieved without the use of the latest and evolving technologies.

AR transforms ordinary classrooms into interactive and engaging learning classrooms with minimal costs.

Here is how it works:

a) Convert Complex Concepts into Simpler Ones:

Let it be a theorem in Mathematics or a bodily function in Biology or even an event in History, learning these takes a considerable amount of time with great efforts being put in individually.

An AR-enabled classroom, allows students to access insightful videos and to that of digital rich assets that simplify these complexities , that foster students to help to understand the concepts better.

Furthermore, access to the digital media assets are available at the disposal of the students anytime anywhere.

b) Making Impossible aspects Possible:

Every individual in the classroom will have a different imagination level and letting kids imagine impossible things isn’t easy.

An AR-enabled classroom, allows students to make the impossible possible with the use and implementation of technology, which will further boost their creativity. Students can gain access to contextual related videos and learn concepts which are beyond what textbooks depict.

c) Enabling learning beyond classroom:

Learning is a continuous process and the process cannot just be restricted to the classroom environment due to evolving technologies.

AR-enabled learning motivates students to learn on their own by providing them access to digital rich videos, audio,  weblinks and much more.

d) Making Learning interactive and engaging:

It’s a known concern that Educational Institutes and Publishers struggle with keeping learners engaged with their books. With so much to see and learn with the rise of mobile devices and the internet, learners find it challenging to stick to just traditional books.

AR emerges as the front runner to overcome this scenario, by including multiple digital assets in their books, where publishers can also develop their books interactive and engaging.

AR enabled classrooms are the future of the learning process with the rise of technology and both educational institutions and publishers can leverage to benefit from the rise.


AR enabled solutions are transforming the learning process and their associated outcomes in education, via stimulating children’s imagination. AR is fostering a positive relationship between education and technology.

AR using real-life simulation methods, helps to create enhanced versions of what one sees, hears and feels, thus, creating an immersive and interactive experience extending their learning to a multi-sensory experience.

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